Bush Daughter to Headline Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

Bush Daughter to Headline Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

One of the Bush daughters proves to be a leftist.

25-barbarapiercebush.w710.h473.2xThe younger Barbara Bush agreed to headline a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Texas Wednesday.

Surely the conflicting points of view create some stress between Barbara and her father, former President George W. Bush. During his administration, President Bush saw abortions decline to historic lows. He even made history when he signed legislation banning partial birth abortion. It was the first measure to ever ban any specific procedure. Most pro-lifers will say that George W. did more than any other president to cultivate a culture of life.

Bush worked against relentless critics and vicious opposition. Yet he remained undeterred. I bet George W. never expected the voice of staunch opposition to come from his own child. Imagine being a fly on the wall for the conversations that ensued between the two of them!

Now, Barbara Pierce Bush is taking her advocacy to the highest level. She will give the keynote address for Planned Parenthood in Fort Worth. The annual fund-raising luncheon raises money for abortions and other services provided by Texas clinics.

According to the Daily Caller:

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas said the organization is “thrilled” to have Barbara Bush speak in a statement announcing the address, and touted her accomplishments as the CEO and co-founder of Global Health Corps, where she has worked on projects with the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation in Africa. Her support for the organization stands out, given her father’s strong pro-life stance as president, although not a surprise given her past work and statements.

Barbara is cozy with Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards. At a previous lunch with Richards, reported by The New York Times, she referred to Planned Parenthood as an “exceptional organization.” Barbara also attended a fundraiser for then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Paris in October.

For now, Barbara Bush is snuggled up to the Left. But most rebellious children eventually see the error of their ways.

Jane Roe, the very woman who established a woman’s right to abortion, now says abortion is wrong. She notes American women “have literally been handed the right to slaughter their own children.”

Barbara Bush joining the baby parts sales organization only proves that conservatism is under fire. But if Jane Roe can turn around, there is hope for Barbara too.





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