God Shows California Who’s the BOSS: He and Trump

California’s drought has ended and now rainfall is plentiful…too plentiful.

Or is it. Nothing like a busted dam to help cash a reality-check.

It hasn’t quite been a month since the President took office, but in that time Governor Jerry Brown hasn’t exactly shown his support of Trump. In fact, just nine days after inauguration he made a speech in which Brown warned that Californians should prepare for uncertain times.

We’ve seen “the bold assertion of alternative facts; whatever those are”, he said.

trump oroville damCalifornia now begs for mercy. This time however, it’s not their black messiah to whom they cry in woe. It is Trump.

After all the trash-talk about President Trump, Californians are left speechless, as they watch the handiwork of God. Now Governor Brown is desperately hoping Trump will save the day!

According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

WASHINGTON — Gov. Jerry Brown asked the Trump administration for a federal disaster declaration for the emergency at Oroville Dam on Monday evening, citing the impending arrival of more storms and the potential need to resort again to the dam’s emergency spillway, which has been severely eroded.

The “incident is of such severity and magnitude that continued effective response is beyond the capabilities of the state and affected local governments,” Brown said in asking for direct federal assistance for 10,000 evacuated residents of Butte, Sutter and Yuba counties who he said require assistance.

Maybe these idiots will get together with their Hollyweirdos and raise enough money to help their residents and fix the dam themselves.

As Twitter Weighs in:

Shocking! It looks like there has been some misappropriation of funds going on!

On Monday, California Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, both Democrats, wrote a joint letter to Trump asking for quick approval of the governor’s disaster aid request.

The same Kamala Harris has spent the past month tweeting against Trump.

Meanwhile, you can bet these Leftists are going to cry and bellyache. They need Trump to save the day with Federal aid.

Interesting how California said it needed rain, likely due to global climate change. Then God delivers, and shows them whose boss: Him and Trump!


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