College Finds CLEVER Way to Shame White Students

Racial shame has become a badge of honor with some Leftist whites. They’ve been conditioned to believe that they uplift blacks by demeaning themselves.

Thus white students at Elizabethtown College wear white pins to signify their “racial shame”.

Elizabethtown is a small private liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. The tuition is upwards of $46,000 annually, so obviously black people can’t afford that, right Oprah?!

So white people in this town, and students at this college feel guilty. Instead of reducing the tuition, the college thought up a novel idea–more white guilt.

Thus, a campaign was launched by the Elizabethtown College Democrats. They claim the goal is to make students “introspective about issues of race, especially in their predominantly white region of Lancaster County.” How dare these white people believe their hard work was of their own accord. They got ahead because of PRIVILEGE!


President of College Loons has this to say:

The last time a society imposed identity politics on such a rigid basis, Jews wore yellow stars and homosexuals wore pink triangles. Now that whites are the group targeted for blame, what should they wear?

The answer on one campus is white puzzle piece pins: According to Aileen Ida, President of the College Democrats, “No matter how accepting someone is, that doesn’t stop them from being part of a system based on centuries of inequality.”

That is, no matter how obediently you conform to the dictates of political correctness, you are still a bad person, because you are white. Therefore, you must wear the pin of shame, to punish yourself for the achievements of other whites.

A more depraved ideology would be impossible to imagine.

In the real world, most of us go about our daily lives and couldn’t care less about the color of the person to whom we speak. The simple fact is, most sane people don’t concern themselves with what color a person is, but with what they actually need the person for.

white privilege pins Nazis Jews
REAL Nazis forcing Jews to wear yellow stars during WWll.

Projects like this only highlight the level of ignorance of the racists who create them.

To believe you need to “recognize” your color, one has to believe himself superior to begin with. For blacks to acknowledge the need for this is equally inferior.

Privilege exists; white privilege does not. White privilege is a construct of Leftist elitist, a fun exercise in superiority. And you can bet there is some puppet-master laughing as the strings are pulled.

The purse strings, that is.

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