Congressional Black Caucus Introduces Bill: Tax People for Being White

Congressional Black Caucus Introduces Bill: Tax People for Being White

It’s time for white people to pay the “black tax.” That’s the tax for not having enough melanin in their skin, ergo gaining from “white privilege.”

Yes, once more white America suffers the guilt of people who haven’t been slaves or oppressed in any way. The Congressional Black Circus, most more wealthy that 99 percent of our readers race-bait in order to keep the gravy train running.

The Washington Examiner reported, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and the CBC have reissued a bill to study reparations for America’s past sin of slavery.

For Conyers, this twenty-year long crusade, reemerges annually.  And even with a black president in office, he couldn’t get it passed.

These clowns expect to tax white people for nothing more than being white. Well, this white chick is not paying any tax every other American must pay.

Moreover, before some bleeding heart pansies say they are willing to pay the “black tax,” I suggest getting a DNA test on all of the CBC. Have you seen these people? Many, and I do mean MANY are not black at all, but dangerously close to white themselves.

I want to have run DNA test on every member of the CBC. I bet the results will be shocking.

Look at Conyers.

Hardly a black person I know wouldn’t say this man has “white people hair.” Conyers makes TAN look black.

Look at the waves; then look at his complexion. I’d be willing to bet that Conyers is more white than he is black. He may very well be Dolezal’s father, for goodness sake.

Then let’s test white people too. Perhaps we may find that many of us have been missing out on “reparations,” and we can get in line. Maybe when idiots black Leftists like Conyers find out that almost the whole country has “black” blood, they will drop this nonsense.

You can bet if we required DNA, the CBC would drop this, as many of them put their Dolezal and Elizabeth Warren cards back in their purses and wallets. It’s not about what you “look” like, but your DNA.

Since many blacks in America descended from slaves, many of them have white blood. And while we are on the subject, which white ancestors are to blame?

Was it the less than 2 percent of whites who actually had slaves? Or what about the blacks who owned black slaves in America?  Oy!  That gets dicey, doesn’t it. The Root magazine reported that black Americans owned black slaves from at least the mid-17th century.

Further, let’s not forget Africa. The African tribal chiefs that sold their own people to the white slave traders in the first place, now didn’t they.

This is the latest Democrat attempt to reverse black poverty, at the expense of the boogeyman.

For decades, Leftist have pretended to care about poverty by giving out other people’s money. It hasn’t worked because government handouts are a short term solution.  Long term success depends on teaching those in poverty how to lift themselves out of it through education, entrepreneurship, and a work ethic; things Leftists don’t teach.

Slavery was outlawed in America over 150 years ago, thanks to Republican white people. Further, not every white American’s ancestors participated in this horrendous trade, and in fact many came to America afterward.

Black Leftists are free to join the rest of America and pursue opportunity…equally.

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