EX-COP Interrupts CRAZED MUSLIM Plan to Bring Down Plane Mid-Flight [VIDEO]

EX-COP Interrupts CRAZED MUSLIM Plan to Bring Down Plane Mid-Flight [VIDEO]

I remember the first flight I took after 9-11. Many of the men on the plane and I had the same look in our eyes.

We were determined that nobody would bring our plane down.

I still feel the same when I fly now, as I did then. And apparently so do others.


In the middle of a flight, a Muslim man stood up and began screaming about jihad on a packed plane of terrified passengers. However, before he could carry out his sinister plans, he quickly realized that he was sitting just a few rows away from his worst nightmare — a retired police officer who specialized in counter-terrorism.

Sudden Jihad Syndrome

When an unnamed 51-year-old Saudi Arabian passenger began screaming that “Muslims will take over Britain” in the middle of a flight from India to the London on Tuesday, he had no idea that sitting just a few rows away was his worst nightmare — 55-year-old ex-head of Britain’s National Counter Terrorism Security Office Chris Phillips. Instantly, the retired officer invoked 30 years of experience combatting terrorists to easily thwart the devout jihadist, leading to an all-out brawl.

The Sun reports that Phillips leaped out of his seat and tackled the shouting Muslim amid screams of horror from terrified passengers. Like a scene from a Hollywood action blockbuster, Phillips cuffed the terrorist and detained him until the Gulf Air pilots could land in Bahrain.

The only question in my mind would be who would make it to this guy the quickest.

I’d say I’m surprised more men didn’t make it into the fray, however with PC culture as pervasive as it is, I understand how Phillips was a lone ranger on this one.

Phillips described the scene as follows:

“It was chaos. The Muslim passenger was trying to walk to the First Class section of the plane,” Phillips said. “He was shouting obscenities and it was a frightening scene. He was fighting with a male member of cabin crew. They were rolling on the floor then slamming against the aircraft door. It was terrifying to watch them roll into the aircraft exit at 30,000 ft. Women and children were screaming. It was very upsetting.” 


Phillips explained that the suspect was fighting back for about 20 minutes before he finally calmed down. During a conversation between the pair, Phillips determined that the man was drunk. However, this doesn’t explain his apparent willingness to resort to racism, terrorist threats, and violence that fall in line with your typical jihadist.

“I think everyone else on the plane was a bit relieved,” Phillips said. “You don’t want to be fighting with people at 35,000 ft. Eventually we got into a conversation and I calmed him down. I had to look after him for six hours – the whole bloody flight.”

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