CSUF Professor ASSAULTS Conservative Student on Camera

Why are college student snowflakes physically attacking conservatives and destroying public property?  Because that’s what their extremist leftist professors taught them.

A California State University, Fullerton professor assaulted conservative students in broad daylight, while they counter-protested a demonstration against President Trump’s travel order on immigration. You’ll never believe how this liberal justified his angry attack.

Hate Trumps Tolerance

When Students for Justice in Palestine marched across campus to protest President Trump’s executive order on immigration, College Republicans began a small counter-protest. The conservative students followed 100-200 feet behind the leftist group with signs.

The man, later identified as part-time cultural anthropology professor Eric Canin, came alongside the conservative students. He next traded words with them, and then allegedly assaulted one of the members.

Amanda McGuire, vice president of the CSUF College Republicans, told Campus Reform:

“Along the route a professor came up and started asking questions, asking if there were any professors with us (there weren’t), [and] stating that only uneducated people would be out here counter-protesting.”

Excuse me, but why do peacefully protesting young adults need professorial supervision to make their cause legitimate?

Anybody think this moron really cared if there were another professor with these students?

Same liberal horsesh*t, different day.  “If you disagree with me, you must be stupid.”

McGuire further described how events unfolded:

“He continued to engage our group even though some of our members were over the conversation, and finally I turned and saw him lunge for a sign,” she told Campus Reform. “Another member steps in between and he gets shoved, so he shoves back.  Professor Canin managed to also push an ASI (student government) student [who was] trying to break up the scuffle.”

Leftists Need to Man Up

This socially unacceptable political intolerance of conservatives has to stop. There is no excuse for political opponents to assault one another over disagreements on ideological differences. What the hell is wrong with leftists? How could they find this behavior in any way justified?

These conservative students were not hurting anyone, and merely voicing their beliefs. They have every right to do.

Campus Reform reported that CSUF refused to identify the professor. However, Breitbart revealed a report has been filed with campus police for “battery” and one of the CR members wishes to press charges. Excellent!

“I thought it was awful,” McGuire remarked. “We started the counter-protest displaying our views on immigration and students got to see other people who held different views.  The professor’s actions were completely wrong and unwarranted to respond in a physically violent way to a student on the basis of simply disagreeing with his politics.”

This liberal mindset that justifies violence in the face of political dissent must be stopped.  No one has the right to assault those who disagree with them.  The most disgusting aspect of this story is that a professor is setting this example.  Shame on him!  We should call on CSUF to fire this liberal wacko, or at least get him the anger-management counseling he so desperately needs.


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