How Will Men SURVIVE: “A Day Without A Woman” Strike

How Will Men SURVIVE: “A Day Without A Woman” Strike

The date has been announced: “A Day Without A Woman” strike will take place on March 8, which is also International Women’s Day.

I have a few things to say about the feminists’ “A Day Without a Woman” strike.

womens-strikeFirst, where will these leftists find women?
I’m not being puerile, but really want to know. There are no women on the Left, as leftists have declared as much. To say there are women, is an assault on feminism. Thus, if one believes this, you are both sexist and misogynistic.
To perhaps explain it better, I would inquire, “Can a man who declares himself a woman, strike as well?”
You see the quandary.
Second, don’t tempt men by threatening us.
The last time this happened, I laughed on election night as slack-jawed leftists watched Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager say, “Go home for now, as the celebration has been canceled.”
Men may not see “A Day Without a Woman” as such a bad thing. In fact, we may ask,
“Instead of making it a day, why not make it a we…no a YEAR!”
My hope is that’s enough time for leftist “men” to find their balls again. Maybe when they get in the game, this country will be back on track.
Consider that women in America (and the eunuchs who fund them) wanted Hillary Clinton, a virtual killing machine and pathological liar, as their president. Whether Hillary Clinton was for you, as in Benghazi or against you, as in Libya, the results were the same: you die and she gets promoted.
The third point: things didn’t go so well for “A Day Without Immigrants.”
America loves its immigrants, but we don’t like illegals. To that end, America loves its women, but we don’t like feminists.
Even feminists don’t like feminists.
I’m sure nothing I will write will cause women to cancel this march. I suggested they hold their marches where we could actually know for sure they have balls; like the Middle East.

No such luck.

If they did have a day with women in the Middle East, they wouldn’t be missed, unless the woman took the goats and sheep. Then HIDE THE CHILDREN.
But these women will march against the atrocities of women in America. The pay, the fight for “reproductive rights,” and freedom!
We learned from the woman oppressing organizers of the Women’s March on Washington of the upcoming strike for women. Yet again, these sellouts won’t hold their “strike” in a country that really oppresses women, but choose instead America.
I’m guessing the reason for this march is to remind men of the importance of women. Without women, men don’t exist (and vice versa, but who’s arguing facts), but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

sad-manHow will men fare?

Only time will tell.  Something tells me that I will survive. It will be difficult, but I will power through.
So, what I will wear is the same Cheetos-stained “wife-beater” two days in a row.
Why should anyone care if I will binge-watch UFC with my “boys,” and trash the house. After all, the old ball and chain will be back in a day to clean and take care of me!
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