Dems Plan NASTY Surprise for Trump Speech to Congress

The American people have spoken, but Democrats are politically deaf…and dumb.

Instead of learning from their mistakes, Democrats continue down the delusional path of their former messiah. And so they have planned something for the Trump speech to Congress.

In what will be a complete surprise to nobody, Congressional Democrats are planning to protest President Donald Trump. According to  The Hill, Leftists will try to disrupt the president’s speech on February 28 with strategically placed audience members.

democrat-leadersAccording to The Hill:

“House Democrats are rallying behind a plan to make President Trump’s first speech to Congress as uncomfortable as possible by inviting guests they say will suffer under new White House policies.”

“We have to have a higher standard,” Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.) said.

A higher standard of what?  Immaturity?  Political gamesmanship? Democrats only want to work with Republicans when they have the upper hand.

Era of Protest

The Left will never succumb to the fact that Donald Trump won the 2016 election. Their childish behavior reflects a mindset hell bent on obstructionism rather than getting on with the people’s business. For all their accusations that Republicans never played nice with Democrats under Obama, the Left hypocritically refuses to work across the aisle with the new administration.

Allen West opined:

“Yes, it appears we have now officially entered into the era of “protest mania” in the United States.”

The behavior of those who did not vote for President Trump certainly seems to indicate as much.  As Allen West reported:

“From the protests outside of Trump rallies that began virtually as soon as he won the Republican nomination, to blocking airports last week, to crybabies rioting on the University of California-Berkeley campus, burning and destroying property last night, “Trump protesting” seems to have become a new national pastime for left.”

This “season of protest,” as West refers to it, began on inauguration day with a mass exodus of Democrats from President Trump’s swearing in ceremony. Allen West continued:

“It’s that spirit of protest the Democrats are hoping to sustain as Trump prepares for his speech to Congress.”

Why do liberals think that their protests actually change the minds of political opponents? Do they believe that suddenly President Trump will appoint Leftist Supreme Court justices? Will he soften his stance on protecting Americans by allowing more illegal immigration? Will he rethink his policy on stamping out radical Islam?

What phonies.

Temper Tantrums Don’t Help Your Cause

Bring on the Pampers (or is that Depends), as these infants attempt to live in the “do nothing” past of former presidents. How many times must Americans hit Leftists with a sledge hammer, politically speaking.

The American people have spoken. In 2010, Republicans regained and held the House of Representatives.  They maintained it in 2012. Then In 2014, Republicans regained the Senate.

And in the most smashing defeat three months ago, we recaptured the White House, and both houses of Congress.

Democrats don’t yet realize that they’re not protesting Donald Trump — they’re protesting the will of the American people. I predict that in 2018, Leftists will receive yet another resounding wake-up call.


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