Deporting of Illegals UNDERWAY: Protesters Chain Themselves to ICE Vehicle

Criminals, known as illegals operate in America, stealing jobs at best, and taking lives at worse.

Whether Leftists like it or not, President Trump’s immigration policy of deportation of illegals has begun and will continue.

We profile Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos. She is a woman who sneaked into America ahead of legal immigrants, and lived a lie.

According to the New York Times,

Trump's immigration policy deportationFor eight years, Guadalupe García de Rayos had checked in at the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement office here, a requirement since she was caught using a fake Social Security number during a raid in 2008 at a water park where she worked.

Every year since then, she has walked in and out of the meetings after a brief review of her case and some questions.

In other words, under Obama’s amnesty program, criminals were granted immunity, and Americans footed the bill. However this year, all that changed.

The article continues,

On Wednesday, immigration agents arrested Ms. Rayos, 35. Despite efforts by her family and others who tried to block, legally and physically, her removal from the United States, she was deported Thursday to Nogales, Mexico, the same city where she crossed into the United States 21 years ago.

In a statement Thursday, Yasmeen Pitts O’Keefe, a spokeswoman for ICE, noted Ms. Rayos’s previous felony conviction and deportation order.

Ms. Rayos’s “immigration case underwent review at multiple levels of the immigration court system, including the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the judges held she did not have a legal basis to remain in the U.S.,” Ms. O’Keefe said. “ICE will continue to focus on identifying and removing individuals with felony convictions who have final orders of removal issued by the nation’s immigration courts.”

You can bet the Left will spin these stories as tragedies against those who have wrong America. Whose ID did this woman steal? I don’t know. However, we all know that identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes. Do you think the Left care about those victims?

Not a Victimless Crime

As RT America reports,

Between February 2011 to December 2015, the IRS identified almost 1.1 million taxpayers who had been victims of employment-related identity theft, which is when someone ‒ usually an illegal immigrant ‒ uses a person’s SSN to get a job.

The IRS is able to identify when such a theft happens after electronic tax returns are filed, and the individual taxpayer identification number doesn’t match income documents associated with the accompanying SSN.

Moreover, when illegal aliens use SSNs or other documents belonging to American citizens and legal residents, the damage can be substantial.

The true owners risk being saddled with the illegal aliens’ credit, arrest, and medical records. Victims may be denied jobs, unemployment insurance, Social Security payments, and Medicaid benefits. It costs victims hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to undo the damage and recover their names and lives.

And if you think the IRS is sympathetic when this occurs, think again.

The IRS wants its money. Many people have lost their fortunes because multiple people used their SSN for work.

When I worked in government contracting, we had a case where the employer has over 100 people using the same SSN. Try to imagine the income the actual owner of that SSN had on his tax record.

The stories of the real victims must be told and not that of the criminals.

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