DEMENTED: Leftist Still Hopeful for ASSASSINATION of President Trump (VIDEO)

Remember when Leftists were concerned Obama was in danger of being assassinated. Undoubtedly President Trump faces a bigger threat.

Before I get to the stories of the assassination of President Trump, let’s look closer at Obama.

trump-deal-with-itWe are told that “racist” America couldn’t stand having a half black man as president, so surely somebody would get rid of the guy.

I’m not sure how many death threats Obama got. But if there were many, they certainly weren’t reported. Perhaps the media was in a fake news quandary?

If they reported that people wanted Obama dead, then it would mean that he’s not liked. And as we were told repeatedly, “Everybody loved Obama.”

And that love was not just in America, but worldwide. Obama became the world’s president. He was too big for one country to own. Thus needless to say, Obama survived 8 years with hardly a peep.

A guy flew a copter of sorts onto the White House grounds, but he wasn’t armed. Some idiot jumped the gate once, but again, that was about it.

Maybe Biden was a good insurance policy after all? Trump on the other hand has reason to worry.

As Charisma reported, here’s a summary of the coverage of threats against President Trump:

  • Nov. 10, Metro (U.K. newspaper): “Assassination threats are being made against Donald Trump”
  • Nov. 11, New York Post: “Assassination threats against Trump flood Twitter.”
  • Nov. 11, Inquisitr: “Will Donald Trump and Mike Pence be assassinated?” was changed to “Secret Service urges use of bulletproof vests for Trump and Pence amid threats of assassination”
  • Nov. 12, PacketSled CEO Matt Harrigan (in a Reddit post): “I’m going to kill the president. Elect … Bring it, Secret Service. … Nope, getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the whitehouse (sic) that suits you (obscenity). I’ll find you.”
  • Nov. 18, San Antonio Current: “The Assassination of Donald Trump”
  • Nov. 23, Quora discussion group question: “What are the chances Donald Trump is assassinated in office if he were to become president?”
  • Nov. 26, Inquisitr: “Did Blind Psychic Predict Donald Trump Assassination?”
  • Dec. 5, on a “dark web” murder-for-hire website: user sought bitcoin donations to fund an assassination plot from inside the federal government.
  • Dec. 8, Fusion (an alternative liberal magazine owned and operated by Univision) publishes a four-panel cartoon that predicts the ways Trump’s presidency would end, badly, including assassination by First Lady Melania Trump.

I wrote at the time of Michael Moore’s “wishful thinking,” when it came to President-elect entering the White House.

There remains one way to keep him out of the White House, according to the hopeful Left. Here’s how Leftist activist and filmmaker Michael Moore put it toward the end of the video:

“…something crazy” could happen before Inauguration Day that prevents Trump from ever taking office.

Then came the New Year, and the reports kept coming in.

  • trump-smartJan. 7, The Sun (U.K. newspaper): “Self-proclaimed ‘Grand Warlock’ of Mexico predicts US president-elect Donald Trump will face assassination attempts and a health crisis in 2017”
  • Jan. 18, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “What if an incoming president and his immediate successors were wiped out on Day One?”
  • Jan. 19, The Express (U.K. newspaper): “Trump could be the saviour of the west—if he isn’t assassinated.”
  • Jan. 21, The Spectator (U.K. newspaper): “Will Donald Trump be assassinated, ousted in a coup or just impeached?”
  • Jan. 23, PressTV (Iran state-run English-language network): “Israel could assassinate Trump.”
  • Jan. 26, Josef Joffe, the editor-publisher of German weekly Die Zeit: “Murder in the White House, for example,” would be the easiest way to end the “Trump catastrophe.”
  • Jan. 26, the season premiere of ABC’s Scandal depicts the man who beat a former first lady in a too-close-to-call presidential election is assassinated during his acceptance speech.
  • Jan. 29, The Times (U.K. newspaper) journalist India Knight, via Twitter: “The assassination is taking such a long time.”
  • Jan. 29, gay society blogger Perez Hilton: “A Psychic Is Predicting Donald Trump’s Death by Assassination”

Can you imagine for just a moment what the outcry would be if there were a fraction of articles written about the assassination of Barack Obama?

Forget the double-standard. What’s more interesting is the how openly the media and other Leftist kooks discuss something so vile. And don’t think for one second these terrorists wouldn’t try to do it.


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