President Donald Trump THREATENED Mexican President: Or Did He?

Donald Trump is used to getting his way. The brash billionaire-turned-leader-of-the-free-world is unhinged.

The Fake News media told us that Trump should not be given “the nuclear button,” as he’s out of control. The Leftist would do anything, say anything to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office, including lying to themselves.

The press lied about polling numbers, wishful thinking, in their efforts to drag Hillary Clinton rather room buttocks across the finish line. Lying to America became the norm.

So why shouldn’t we believe the media when they tell us that Trump threatened Mexico?

Three different media outlets are circulating fake news about President Trump’s abusive tone towards Mexican President Peña Nieto in their recent phone call.  The fake news reports claim Trump threatened to send U.S. troops into Mexico to deal with drug cartels, in a sloppy attempt to unite world opinion against the new American leader.

pena-nieto-with-trumpThe White House and the Mexican foreign ministry both denied that President Trump made any threats.

Separating Fact from Fiction

This is rather hard to do on a confidential, diplomatic phone call between world leaders from two sovereign nation states. But since the fake news media did it, why shouldn’t we take a stab at it.

The Telegraph sourced their account from “a partial transcript of the call seen by the Associated Press.” Where on earth is this magical transcript that both the U.S. and Mexico deny is accurate?  One third of the Telegraph’s piece covered this faux story, while the rest reported only on Trump’s unrelated recent policy moves.

The Business Insider reproduced much more of this fictitious transcript, but prefaced every libelous quote with CYA statements like, “cited sources,” “obtained confidential information,” and “likely government go-betweens.” Nice try.

All of these phrases are red flags for real journalists who are concerned with writing the truth. Conservatives are well-aware of this tactic, so Leftist media can only hope to persuade the brain-dead morons of their ilk. But I digress.

Business Insider reported, “The White House and the Mexican president have released information about the call. Both sides characterized it as a “friendly” conversation and neither disclosed what was said.   

So it was a p-r-i-v-a-t-e conversation? 

What makes any reporter believe that world leaders talking about sensitive foreign relations topics are going to show or release a transcript of that discussion to any media outlet?

Apparently, when the press doesn’t have access to high level diplomatic disclosures, they just make things up!

Responsibility of the Press

dolia-estevezMexican journalist Dolia Estevez’ reports are what prompted the Telegraph, Business Insider, and the AP to circulate this faux news story. This fiction writer does not name one credible source in her article, but dishes only innuendo, like a gossip columnist. So why did credible media outlets run with the story? 

We know the answer to that question. The press are trained monkeys when it comes to narratives and dogma. There is only one voice, and that voice yells from Stage Left.

The Leftists’ vendetta against President Trump trumps the truth…period.

Journalists are expected to hold world leaders accountable with the truth, not lies that sell newspapers or online ad buys.  Unsubstantiated rumor and innuendo is not journalism.  Neither is making crap up out of thin air. 

The Telegraph, AP, and Business Insider are just as despicable for circulating this libelous supposition, and implying it’s the truth, as CNN was for circulating BuzzFeed’s false narrative of a scandalous Russian plot to supposedly blackmail Donald Trump, according to Daily Wire

Do these media outlets really have no real news to report on?

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