Education Secretary Betsy DeVos THREATENED Outside DC School

How many times will we have to report on the LOVING and TOLERANT left as they show their TRUE COLORS?

devos-blockedToday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos tried to start the work day by visiting Jefferson Middle School in Washington, D.C. She knew her appointment was a Hot Topic, but I highly doubt she expected this!

First Leftists wouldn’t allow her car to enter the parking lot.



The angry mob continued to get out of hand. They chased DeVos to her car! She was pushed and shoved. This is what the Democratic Party has come to.

Even when she tried to get in her car and leave, Leftists were not satisfied.

Liberals wasted the morning screaming “Shame! Shame! Shame!” And all these people who marched for “women’s rights” were happy to violate the rights of DeVos. Yet DeVos is clearly a woman!

Do you want to know what the truly sad part of all this is? DeVos was there to see first hand what is needed in our schools. She went to hear from teachers and administrators. DeVos could have observed students. The Left has continually made the complaint that she doesn’t know anything about public schools, and when DeVos went to learn, it was the LEFT that sent her away.

As with most Leftist agendas, this one may backfire. It seems the tide is turning towards DeVos.


The Left will find as they become more belligerent, more people will defect. Tolerance and love are really found on the Right. The US Education System hasn’t experienced true reform in the past 5 decades. And DeVos could possibly change that. But we’ll never know if the Left won’t even let her out of the car!

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