Fake News Alert: CNN Caught Red Handed Planting Debate Questions

It didn’t take long for America to realize that reality TV is scripted. And as WikiLeaks exposed, so is the news.

Even when it’s “the most trusted name in news,” it’s deja vu all over again.

Yet again CNN was caught red-handed feeding questions to the audience during the CNN debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders.

Senator Cruz met with Senator Sanders to debate Obamacare. About an hour into the session, a woman named Ms. Hardaway stood up to address them with a question. The problem?

She clearly printed the question from her email. (Look about 1:07 into the video)

As the video shows, Ms. Hardaway told her heart-wrenching story.

She suffers from multiple sclerosis. We learned that she can’t afford insurance. So when Texas refused to expand Medicaid, she was forced to move to Maryland, as apparently she could afford the move.

Now in the People’s Republic of Maryland, life was good.

She qualified for Medicaid. MS in check, she secured a great job as a teacher’s aide, and she loves her “free” insurance. So her question was essentially, “Can I keep Medicaid if Obamacare goes away?”

Cruz gave her an honest answer. Although Hardaway found a way for Medicaid to work for her, overall the system is plagued.

“In Illinois over 700 people have died on the waiting lists of medicaid,” Cruz explained to Hardaway.

Further he encouraged a system that would help people move away from Medicaid into private insurance.

“We need competition that will lower the premiums so that you can afford real insurance,” Cruz said.

Throughout the CNN debate, Cruz slammed Sanders again and again. He forced Sanders to admit Obama lied about affordable premiums. Moreover, Cruz also made Sanders acknowledge Obamacare practically bankrupts small business.

The point of the setup question was to make Ted Cruz, Conservatives and anybody who wasn’t pro-ObamaCare to look stupid.

Instead, CNN ended up being what they are…fake news. The “media” outlet contrives the news in the hopes of meeting narratives.

The article goes on to chronicle other CNN fake news events.

According to Noble, “A Reddit user saved me a lot of time and listed some of CNN’s other fake news events with links.”

Caught telling focus group what to say live on air after Debates

Cuts congressman’s feed when he brings up WikiLeaks

CNN employee and DNC’s Donna Brazille provided debate questions to Hillary Clinton prior to the debate

Says it’s ILLEGAL for you to read the Wikileaks/Hillary Clinton emails

Podesta emails: CNNs Wolf Blitzer gets his questions for Trump directly from the DNC

CNN guest calls Assange a pedophile without any evidence or challenge from the host

Let’s not forget this: DNC and Podesta emails: Compilation of emails outlining the DNC-MSM collusion as well as the DNC plot to subvert the Sanders campaign (from /r/DNCleaks)

Interestingly, even in their attempt to stack the deck, Conservatives win the ideological battles.

At some point, CNN and other media outlets may stop attempting to manipulate public opinion.

Journalists should strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty.

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