Lady Gaga SLAMMED by the Left for Super Bowl Non-Performance

No political statement from Lady Gaga. Unless proving that Julliard-trained musicians are awesome is political.

lady-gaga-super-bowlAmid rampant media speculation of politicking at the Super Bowl, Lady Gaga avoided racist and “otherist” profiteering. Beyoncé’s Black Panther tribute at last year’s Super Bowl, suggested that Lady Gaga too would enter the gladiators’ arena of politics…Leftist politics. After all, Gaga wrote the new LGBT anthem, “Born This Way.”

But Gaga opted out, settling instead for pure unadulterated entertainment. A refreshing reprieve from the political rancor invading most aspects of American society today, Lady Gaga simply performed; and it was beautiful!

But the Left didn’t think so.

Many Leftist, including media and Hollyweirdos wanted Gaga to “act out.” They needed a political statement that trashed Trump, and anybody who dared admit they actually like the guy.

According to the Daily Wire,

“Lady Gaga shocked the world … by not taking an enormous political dump all over the stage.”

It got worse, as many complained that Gaga’s performance was, well, … just entertaining. Here’s a sampling of their incredulity:

Mikael Wood of The Los Angeles Times wrote:

“Lady Gaga misses her Super Bowl moment to say something profound. The 30-year-old singer offered up a disappointing 12-minute medley that lacked any edge or tension…You wish she’d taken in more of what was going on offstage.”

Chris Richards at The Washington Post not only critiqued Gaga, but compared her to Beyoncé’s wholly inappropriate Black Panthers routine last year:

“Lady Gaga calls herself a rebel, but at the Super Bowl she played it safe.  With a forceful elegance, Beyoncé had set a precedent for what could be done on this stage — musically and politically.  By comparison, Gaga whiffed.”

Piet Levy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel harped:

“Gaga’s overwrought performance overshadowed a potentially meaningful moment.”

The Play’s the Thing

Overwrought? Lacking profundity, precedent setting?  Jealousy much? Every one of these “critics” would run over their grandmothers to get a selfie with Her Gaganess.

These sanctimonious disingenuous liars only act outraged, when not a single one of them would question Gaga to her face.

For the Leftist media bobble-heads, know that Americans expect one thing from artists: Entertainment. Either you have it or you cover for it by making “political” statements.

But today’s media, according to Daily Wire, want entertainers to “spout protest lines from the Women’s March,” or they’ll attack you as a “sell-out, no matter how many [campaign] events you did with Hillary.”

Lady Gaga’s choice to avoid politics and simply to sing, to perform, was a statement in and of itself. The political Left needs to calm the heck down, get some hug therapy, and take several long, slow deep breaths.

It’s not enough for a person to be a Leftist. For the Left, they must down with the cause 24/7…or else.

Just so we are clear, Beyonce sucked at the Super Bowl. What most people remember is the cameo made by Bruno Mars.

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