Guess Who Rosie O’Donnell REFUSED to Play on SNL?

Rosie O’Donnell is a MAN, BA-BY! Actually I’m not sure of that, though I do suspect it.

O’Donnell tried playing a chick for a while, but it became too tedious, so she got a “liquor” license–not that it matters!

For the record, from the days this pure-blooded specimen of male Americana saw that dude, I knew what was up.

And what complicates figuring Rosie out, well is that face, that body, and that attitude. Then we get the news that Rosie photoshopped herself as Trump’s advisor, Steve Bannon.

According to Extra,

Rosie O'Donnell refused to play Steve BannonIn spite of using an uncanny Photoshopped image of herself in Steve Bannon drag as her Twitter avatar, it looks like Rosie O’Donnell will not be playing the White House advisor on “Saturday Night Live.”

Caught by TMZ, Rosie shook her head when asked if she would play Bannon on the show. “That was the whole impression, the Photoshop — that was it, start to finish,” she confirmed.

My bet is secretly O’Donnell wants to be Steve Bannon, and for two reasons:

(1) Being Bannon would give her the access she needs to bash President Trump over the head.

(2) Being Bannon would make O’Donnell more attractive.

Why Not Play Bannon?

The article continues,

The only reason she gave is that she is not a cast member. Reminded that Alec Baldwin, who has been playing President Trump on the show, is also not in the cast, Rosie said, “Well, he kind of is — he’s hosted 17 times.”

17 times. You’d think that O’Donnell would like to go after that record. At the very least put her comedy chops back to work bashing Trump or his protege. But O’Donnell did her Bannon swan song with the one Photoshop.

I suspect O’Donnell remains butthurt over the Hillary Clinton loss. That loss crucified O’Donnell and all the leftists who put their eggs in the Clinton basket, only to watch her trip and fall.

O’Donnell may still be waging her vote recount effort, which raised, what…less than $5,000. I bet most of that came from that chick Keith Olbermann.



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