KARMA: Protester Didn’t Know Police Would Do THIS! [VIDEO]

KARMA: Protester Didn’t Know Police Would Do THIS! [VIDEO]

This may be the funniest and most telling video of how law enforcement now deals with snowflakes!

This #NotMyPresidentsDay protester must have thought Obama was still president, as there is no way she expected this.


As reported by KATU,

Dozens of protesters and police officers clashed in downtown Portland during #NotMyPresidentsDay protests Monday morning.

The event was partly put on by Don’t Shoot PDX, which is lead by Teressa Raiford and Black Lives Matter. Dozens of people showed up, some wearing gas masks and covering their faces with ski masks. The group didn’t get a permit for their march, so they were met with Portland Police officers in riot gear.

Let’s stop for a moment and recall the times when these anarchists didn’t get permits, but were allowed to carry on regardless. NO Tea Party organization would have dared do such a thing of it would have been a beatdown on the Edward Pettis bridge all over again.

So the first irony is that these Leftists found out: permit required.

The next irony is that the even was “partly put on by Don’t Shoot PDX”. Given that the antagonist, aka the protester who challenged the police ended up shot makes me laugh out loud.

I suggest you rewatch the video to see the real humor, as it’s easy to miss.

First, the protester confronts the police and is pushed to the ground. As she is helped up (yes, that is a girl), she “flips off” the police, then approaches them again.

Literally in an instant, three shots ring out, and the look on the protester’s face is…well, PRICELESS!

Her face said “Oh SH*T!” as she was engulfed by police and taken to the paddy wagon for wayward Leftists.

A young girl speaks to a videographer, and says, “They shot her three times!” Another thinks she’s a he, as likely many of you did as well.

Yes, they did shoot HE/SHE! And let that be a warning to the rest of you. As you could see, the other protesters backed up fast.

Why the Fracas?

Leftist protesters did what they always do: impede law abiding citizens. As they attempted to block traffic on SW 3rd Avenue, officers announced that protesters blocking traffic are subject to arrest.

I’m not defending the girl by any means, but the cops didn’t say they would SHOOT HER! Regardless, they did; and it was really fun to watch.

She was shot with non-lethal bullets, and then taken into custody. Another woman who appeared to be in her 60s was also placed in custody, and was said to have a bloody nose.

The article continues,

Around 12:30 p.m. marchers joined in a pre-planned, permitted march put on by the AFL-CIO at Director’s Park in downtown Portland. They marched for about an hour without incident.

Amazing this would happen in the Leftist enclave of Portland Oregon. But Portland PD takes no crap.




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