Homeless Vet Freezes To Death As REFUGEES Blocks Away Get Free Housing

Leftist policies have created an unthinkable situation. We’re trading the lives of our veterans for the lives of refugees.

Leftists demand that refugees be given the royal treatment. Meanwhile, veterans remain America’s sacrificial lambs.

Homeless vet 2You’ve heard this before, but it’s worth remembering. A veteran is someone who, at some point, wrote a blank check to the American citizens and the government. That check potentially could be cashed with the life of the serviceman.

Leftists will never know how that feels, as most have no honor. Few people truly understand the depth of that commitment.

On the other hand, a refugee shows up needing help. They wait in line at the border seeking shelter. These days unappreciative refugees overrun gracious nations in unprecedented numbers, demanding the same rights as the natural born citizens.

They want housing, food, education, even welfare. Meanwhile, many of them refuse to contribute to the system or even obey the laws. Some in America have never bothered to learn the language.

Yet, Starbucks starts a program, “10,000 jobs for refugees!”

Have they tweeted the same promise to veterans? There are nearly 50,000 homeless veterans in America and 1.4 million veterans are at risk of becoming homeless, yet who does Starbucks vow to help?

I’m not even sure if Starbucks offers a discount to veterans for their coffee extortion racket.

Don’t expect any Vagina Head marches for veterans, either. Leftists don’t concern themselves with things as pedestrian as helping veterans. After all, there are too many Muslim terrorists to help usher into America.

It is not hyperbole when I report sadly that people who have served our country are freezing to death in America’s streets, while Muslim migrants sleep in warm beds.

According to the US Herald:

This is what happens when bleeding heart liberals (is there any other kind?) decide that bringing in refugees is more important than addressing homelessness in their own nation. This happened in Sweden in early January. But it’s also happening here in America.

‘Refugees’ arriving in Sweden are plied with an endless list of entitlements, as seen in the video. But during the same time frame this family was getting free housing, a homeless Swedish vet froze to death.

The European ”humanitarian superpower” Sweden does its very best to please Muslim asylum seekers, by providing them with both food, clothing and shelter, but it seems the country’s own ethnic citizens in need are of less importance and forgotten.

Sture, a homeless man in his 60s was found dead early Wednesday morning outside the hospital in Nynäshamn. Sture had sought refuge from the cold in Nynäshamn’s hospital during the night. But he was not allowed to remain there. A security guard threw him out, and without any offers of housing from the municipality, and out of options, he was forced to spend the night at a bus stop outside the hospital.

In the morning he was found frozen to death, reports Nynäshamns Posten. Of course in Nynäshamns Posten the article about Sture’s death soon became just a notice, but Swedish alternative media dug up his story. Sture was a man who is described as a good worker throughout his life, including in the armed forces and at a nursing home.

Obama Destruction Runs Deep:

homeless veteranThanks to Obama, Americans were stuck with a Syrian migrant policy. It imposed staggering numbers of Syrian Muslims on the American people. Obama pledged billions of dollars in aid to Muslim migrants all while ignoring the most deserving of our help…the veterans who have served this country.

President Trump has stepped up and put a stop to the Syrian refugees. Now we can focus on the people who deserve our philanthropy the most: those who were willing to die for us.




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