INSULTING: Leftists Marketing Americana to Sell Islam

Cloaking Sharia Law in Americana won’t make it popular. But leftists will try anything.

Those Americans who don’t accept them will be deemed Islamophobic.

Leftists wish to present Muslims as patriots. Despite terror attacks escalating in America in direct proportion to our refugee and lax immigration policy, leftists ignore the obvious.

They present Muslims as peace-loving people, ready to become part of the American culture, flag and all.

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Thus, several women now don American flag hijabs in public as part of a leftist campaign to present them as “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet-loving” Americans. Muslims so love America, they ignore our Constitution and ridicule our president.

So what’s really going on?

hijab-usaCondemning Islamophobia to justify theocracy

Posters at last month’s Women’s March depicted a woman in an American flag hijab with the caption: “We the People are Greater than Fear.” The problem is, Muslims are the reason for the fear.

Americans might have an easier time to believing Muslims, if they were blowing us up. And then there is that slight problem of not caring about our laws, and thus establishing “no go” zones in America.

That nagging theocracy, partnered with the radical Muslims who continually talk of establishing a caliphate make things a bit difficult as well.

Muslims marketing Americana: a symbol of patriotism? Not even close.

Hijabs are specific to only one religion. This garb directly contradicts America’s long-standing religious plurality that drew so many immigrants here from the 15th century forward. Islam stands against America’s constitution – that guarantees equality for all people, particularly for women.

Leftists have no problem using the American flag to popularize Sharia Law. Keep in mind, the woman who was co-creator of the Women’s March believes wholeheartedly in Sharia Law, and is friendly with Hamas.

usa-flagSo, what about women’s rights?

Hijabs repress women’s rights. Is this what all women must wear? It is in most areas of the Middle East. The outfit subjugates women. Those who wear one do so out of fear of offending Muslim men.

The American flag represents freedom; freedom of religion and freedom from religion, should you so choose.

America is NOT a Muslim nation. Our ideals are mutually exclusive to those of Islam.

Ironically, the aforementioned poster was created by “” Really? Ask the women in the Middle East if they have equality.

Review the Picture of the Vietnam Veteran:

The man pictured with the Vietnam Vet cap holds a sign: I AM A MUSLIM TOO!

If I were at this rally, I would have asked him, what branch he served in and what was his billet. If I believed he was a veteran, based on his response, I would have been required to ask another question.

Did you lose your balls in Nam?

If this “veteran” is sincere, you can be sure that he has a feminist for a wife. She likely made him feel guilty about serving, thus his penance.

No amount of Americana will fool us on Islam. These colors don’t run, and they won’t be fooled either.


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