Iran Flaunts New Missiles: U.S. Military Releases Video That Leaves Iran BREATHLESS

Iran Flaunts New Missiles: U.S. Military Releases Video That Leaves Iran BREATHLESS

Under Obama, tensions with Iran escalated.

The country went from being “tiny,” as Obama described them, to being a major threat in the Middle East.

You can bet under President Trump, things will be dramatically different.

In what appears to be in response to Iran’s recent tests of ballistic missile systems, the United States responded.

According to the U.K.Express, the United States, working in cooperation with Japan, successfully intercepted a ballistic missile target in a training exercise in Hawaii.

You can bet that Iran was paying attention. What good is it to have nukes, if you can’t hit the target? reported the launch:

“At approximately 10:30 p.m., Hawaii Standard Time, Feb. 3 — 3:30 a.m. EDT, Feb. 4 — a medium-range ballistic missile target was launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility at Kauai, Hawaii.”


“The crew of the John Paul Jones detected and tracked the target missile with its onboard radar using the Aegis Baseline 9.C2 weapon system,” the report continued. “Upon acquiring and tracking the target, the ship launched an SM-3 Block IIA guided missile, which intercepted the target.”

This platform showcases a massive improvement over the old Patriot systems deployed in Israel years ago. Further, the successful test puts rogue countries like Iran on notice that much of their investment in nuclear weapons will be rendered useless.

Missile Defense Agency director Vice Admiral Jim Syring praised the results:

“Today’s test demonstrates a critical milestone in the cooperative development of the SM-3 Block IIA missile,” he said in a statement. “The missile, developed jointly by a Japanese and U.S. government and industry team, is vitally important to both our nations and will ultimately improve our ability to defend against increasing ballistic missile threats around the world.”

American ingenuity is second to none. The Iranians will likely find themselves spending a lot of money on useless endeavors. Especially when President Trump shows them the art of real war.





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