Jake Tapper MELTDOWN After President Trump’s Presser [VIDEO]

Fake News outlet CNN’s anchor Jake Tapper claims victim status…Again.

Recall that recently Tapper lamented that calling CNN “fake news” is the moral equivalent of calling CNN the “n-word.”

Yet again, Tapper spent a few minutes on air decompressing. Where is Dr. Phil when you need him?

“How’s that working for you, Jake?”

Tapper is obviously sensitive. Thus, her needed consoling after President Trump b*tch-slapped CNN for unprofessional reporting during his press conference.

President Trump held the news conference to announce his new labor secretary nominee, Alex Acosta. However, after the announcement, the president spent a healthy amount of time calling out the press for bad and unfair coverage of his administration. To nobody’s surprise, CNN topped the president’s “naughty” list.

Tapper did what Leftists do when someone is attacking them on the merits: turned their accuser into a monster and themselves into the victim.

The president said things that weren’t true. Peter Alexander from ABC pointed out one of them.

This implies Trump made multiple erroneous statements. But Tapper only gave one example: Trump’s claim he had the biggest electoral victory since Reagan.

As if to bolster that lone false statement, Tapper repeated it.

President Trump used the news conference to highlight the mainstream media repeatedly failing to report how much his administration has accomplished to date. And he was rightfully upset.

The reporting on Trump by CNN earned the network world-wide criticism. Instead, Tapper decided to deflect CNN’s shortcomings back on President Trump in the form of a lecture.

tapperDeflection #1 – The media’s not the problem, Trump is:

“Instead of offering an optimistic positive view of what he’s doing for this country, it was an airing of grievances … complaints against the media.”

Deflection #2 – Declare the president mentally unfit:

“If you are a soldier in harm’s way, if you’re a hungry child in Appalachia or the inner city, … that’s not a president focused on your particular needs and wants; that’s a president who is unhinged.”  Tapper added that President Trump “is not dealing with the world in which we live.”

Quite the contrary to Jake’s declaration. The news conference was Mama’s milk for the people who voted for Trump. The statement by Tapper proved just how detached the Left remain, when it comes to the president.

Deflection #3 – Avoid the Truth and Lecture the Leader of the Free World:

President Trump “is still fixated on whether or not he legitimately won the presidency…Mr. President, if you’re watching.  You legitimately won. Stop whining and get to work.”

The president is not fixated on his election victory; the Leftists are. Trump instead merely wants to counter the false narratives that lame-stream media outlets perpetuate. In talking about his electoral win, he provided CNN and other false narrative media outlets with multiple examples of how they dishonestly covered his election campaign.

But Leftist media elites don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of their own incompetent reporting. Why should they when it’s so much easier to blame the victim?

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