LA County Tells Illegals How To Get FREE Benefits

It’s not bad enough that illegals come to America ahead of people who legally wish to enter America. But they get here and immediately need our assistance.

They’ve paid extraordinary amounts of money to get to America to become wards of the state.

illegals-protest-1Afterwards, we house them, feed them, educate them and their children. Then we provide medical, dental, and other care. Finally we just fork over money so they can shop at Walmart.

They are not thankful in any way, but feel deserving of our charity. These criminals make no concessions for the fact that other people pay their way, as Leftists have made these illegals feel entitled. Moreover, they don’t consider themselves lawbreakers.

Even the most heinous of these criminals freely roam the streets wreaking havoc in so called “sanctuary cities.”

And if that’s not bad enough, the Gateway Pundit reports,

In Los Angeles County they are handing out information to illegal immigrants on how to get free money/benefits paid for by working Americans.

The flyer reads:

New USCIS guidelines permit immigrants and their children to use certain non-cash benefits and special purpose cash benefits without affecting their immigration status including:

* Medi-Cal
* Food Stamps
* Healthy Families
* Prenatal Care
* Foster Care
* Adoption assistance
* Transportation vouchers
* Housing assistance
* Energy assistance

Leftists actually teach illegals how to get MORE free things from hardworking, taxpaying American citizens.

A while back Nancy Pelosi held a Town Hall on CNN, and a woman who’s son was tortured and killed by an illegal confronted her.


Below is the transcript of the lamest excuse you can give to a grieving mother, that I’ve ever heard.

But in our sanctuary cities, our people are not disobeying the law. These are law-abiding citizens, it enables them to be there without being reported to ICE in case there is another crime they might bear witness to.

Sanctuary cities are illegal. So anybody providing sanctuary to lawbreakers is in violation of America laws. We are not talking about the underground railroad here, where Mexicans would be returned to bondage.

In effect Leftist condone stealing the natural resources of countries, so we can get our fruits and veggies a bit cheaper.

And even when somebody explains the human devastation, Leftists like Pelosi ignore them.

Lauren goes on to ask Pelosi,

“Which of your children or grandchildren would you be willing to sacrifice for an illegal?”

This is a question that should be asked of every open-borders Leftist. They disregard the real issues until the issue(s) directly apply to them.

It is a privilege to be in this country, and then to become an America should be the biggest badge of honor in the world.

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