Democrat Heavyweight Admits DEMOCRATIC PARTY IN BIG Trouble

Democrat Heavyweight Admits Democratic Party in BIG Trouble

According to Robert Reich, Democrats haven’t been in this bad shape since the 1920s.

Democrats in disarray election nightRobert Reich knows politics, and has been making waves in the Democratic Party for decades.

Among other roles, he was Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor. Time Magazine called him one of the decade’s “most effective cabinet members.”

Reich then wrote a host of best-sellers such as Saving Capitalism, Beyond Outrage, and Aftershock. Reich might very well have written “Sticker Shock,” after watching the deficit go from $4.4 trillion at the start of Clinton’s administration to $19.95 trillion on Obama’s last day.

Now Reich spends his time serving as Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and Senior Fellow at the Blum Center for Developing Economies.

Though a leftist, Reich does know one thing: Democrats are in deep kimchi, and they’d better recognize that fact.

Reich admits that Democrats are swimming against the tide.

Though he skates around the issue, Reich tries to mitigate President Trump’s populism. So in February Reich wrote:

Macy’s dropped Donald Trump’s clothing line early in his campaign after he called Mexican immigrants “killers” and “rapists.“ Now Macy’s is under increasing pressure to drop Ivanka’s as well.

Reich went on to encourage consumers to continually boycott the Trump brand.

However, as we previously reported, Macy’s ended up closing 68 stores due to lost revenues. Now Nordstrom’s is shedding tears over their losses, as Ivanka’s brand soared to number one on Amazon.

Ironically, Reich was accused of being part of the fake news long before Trump coined the phrase. Back in 2013, Forbes Magazine called-out the self-proclaimed expert on his ignorance.

As Paul Roderick Gregory suggested:

I am appalled by the economic illiteracy encountered in leading newspapers, business magazines, and prominent web sites (the news section of the Wall Street Journal is no exception). Robert Reich’s Higher Wages Can Save America’s Economy – and Its Democracy ( is only one of many examples. As a teacher of economics for over forty years and a co-author of a best-selling 1980s economics 101 textbook, I would have given Reich’s paper a resounding F, if he had submitted it for my elementary economics class.

Gregory knows Reich to be a partisan hack. So consider that a partisan hack, a shill for the Democrats just admitted publicly exactly how bad things are for the Democrats.

Remind me who’s winning?

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