Holy Moly: Look at How BADLY These Leftist Transformations Turn Out

“You are what you eat” might not be true. However “You are what you believe!” very well could be.

Leftism is ugly and we have the pictures to prove it. Simply put: leftism will make you ugly on the outside too!

The girl on the left, clearly a natural beauty. The girl on the right, she’s waiting to exhale her next angry protest.

before-after-leftismbefore-after-leftism2 leftist transformations

Here the first girl seems to love the life she lives. Meanwhile the second girl would scare Hannibal Lecter.

brazilian1 leftist transformations

Then there’s the classic Brazilian beauty turned mental ward regular. Can’t you just picture it? The more the leftist agenda got into her head, the more irrational her thought patterns became. She started breaking out into sweats and chewing her fingernails to the quick.


I can’t imagine what took this gorgeous could-be model and turned her into this scary could-be psycho.

Admit it, if she were walking behind you in a parking lot you would start to worry about her intentions.

ugly-femism ugly-feminism2

Feminism obviously stripped this girl of her classy but quirky style.

She was left in shambles as a trashy wanna-be.

fem1 fem2

In a truly disappointing transformation this looks like a before and after gone wrong. Feminism took her from looking like a Hollywood starlet to resembling a peep-show mistress.

Is that really what being empowered does to one’s face and body?


Little Miss Sunshine looks like a parent’s pride and joy. That is until leftism ruined her hair and destroyed her smile. I guess true happiness is hard to project with vile ideas floating around inside one’s brain.


Honestly, the word feminine makes me picture someone like the lady in red. She’s strikingly beautiful. I believe if she walked into a room heads would turn and ears would listen. Her counterpart, however, will likely be ignored. If anyone did notice her, they’d ask her to put her tongue back in her mouth. There’s just nothing feminine about that look. So how are these women feminists? I’m still confused…

after5 leftist transformations

Attitude is everything, or so they say. Which is why feminism clearly stole her beauty. She went from giving that alluring look to the camera to snarling away in disgust. Who would you rather lock glares with?

And last, but not least, the one and only Scarlett Johansson.


Of course Johansson has received her share of criticisms for using feminism as an excuse to mistreat women of other races, but we’ll save the racism for another story. For now, let’s just say feminism has clearly ruined her beautiful hair and move on….

What’s the point of being a feminist if it destroys everything that makes us uniquely women? I wouldn’t want to look like a man or use a man’s mannerisms or give up my feminine wiles just to cut my hair and become the ugliest version of myself. If that’s what leftism does to women, I’ll stay here on the right with my messy bun!


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