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These passengers can go no faster than the people in front of them, yet this Leftist freak was incensed

As we know about Leftists, it their world, and you are just in it…being a bother.

Let’s GO! Hey, move faster…you’re not handicapped.

This doesn’t work for me

You know what; I’m about to.

I’m gonna pray to God and

This does not make sense. This doesn’t make sense…GO!

What’s funny is the woman says deplaning doesn’t make sense.

Has she flown before?! Getting of a plane is always slow. It’s part of the reason I try to sit up front. Even then, it’s still slow.

They need to dock the plane. Then they bring on the Jetway. Passengers get up and grab bags. Next the flight attendants open the door and do safety checks, etc. You know the drill.

We all know this is in no way a fast process. Nevertheless, the woman gets really irritated.

Can we get off the fucking plane, PLEASE!

Passenger: There’s children on this plane.

I’m UPSET! Get off the plane.

You want to know why?!

I have tumors, and I’m in a lot of pain.

I gotta go…I gotta get out of her.

I’m in pain, so I don’t care who you are. Don’t talk to me like you know me.


Coloradans don’t give a fuck. Get off the plane. We got to go.

I’m bleeding down my name. I have blood going down my name.

I’m being nice.

There’s little reason to continue the transcript, as it didn’t change much.

This folks is how Leftists think. They believe the rules don’t apply to them. She wanted off, and everybody else be damned. So what kids heard her cursing, and other people were equally trapped. That’s their problem.

Leftists are unreasonable, and this crazy chick is the poster child for them.

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