LEFTISTS FREAK OUT: PHOTO of Kellyanne Conway at White House

LEFTISTS FREAK OUT: PHOTO of Kellyanne Conway at White House

Leftists never rests. As I’ve said they are unhappy creatures, determined to make everybody around them equally as miserable.

So when an AP photographer shot this photo, Leftists lost their minds.

As Business Insider wrote:

photo of Kellyanne Conway

In the photos, Conway can be seen kneeling on a couch and taking pictures of President Donald Trump during his meeting with the leaders of some historically black colleges and universities.

God forbid the woman actually get comfortable. It’s not like she’s Monica Lewinsky under the president’s desk.

You can see by the picture that obviously the black college leaders were disturbed…NOT!

They are oblivious to Conway, as she is to them.

What they should have been focused on is the fact that President Trump was meeting with these HBCU leaders. As we’ve learned about President Trump, he is a man of action.

On Obama’s watch HBCUs suffered immensely. Back in 2013 I chronicled the merger of two HBCUs.

The downgrading of black education continues. The colleges and universities started by Republicans to educate blacks have fallen into the hands of the lecherous Left.

And the reason I read for the merger is interesting.

Faced with declining enrollment, Georgia officials are combining a historically black state university with a two-year state college that also has a high minority student body, creating what they expect will be a stronger institution that retains its black majority and avoids the criticism that has met similar proposals in other Southern states.

Some advocates for historically black colleges and universities are even hailing the move.

So now Albany State University‘s 3,500 students will join with Darton State College‘s 5,500 students under the plan approved recently by the Georgia Board of Regents.

Albany State University’s enrollment has dropped 25 percent since its peak in 2011. Darton State’s student body this fall was 44.7 percent black, 48.5 percent white and 3.3 percent Hispanic or Latino. Its enrollment also has dropped in recent years, down 14 percent since 2012.

Leave it to Leftists to shift the priority from the meaningful to the ridiculous.

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