LOTS Happened AFTER Joy Villa Wears TRUMP Dress To Grammy’s

Joy Villa shocked the Grammy’s when she wore a Make America Great Again tribute to President Donald Trump dress.

We posted an article as the dress was unveiled, and social media lit up.

Many people loved what Villa did:

And they complimented her bravery.


Hollywood hates Donald Trump

Only a few years ago, Hollywood loved Trump. However, Donald Trump is vilified simply because he dared to declare himself to be a Republican. So again America witnesses what happens in Leftist America, particularly Hollyweird.

In short, if Hollywood knows you’re a Republican, you are in danger. So Trump runs the risk of harm, and now so does Joy Villa.

After Joy Villa dared to show her love for America and the new president, she began to get death threats. The INTOLERANT Left strikes again. As Joy Villa proved, when you go against the moronic Left, they waste no time trying to intimidate you.

Social media attacked. Many Leftists wanted Villa killed.



When the weren’t wishing Villa dead, they were simply hating.

I love this next tweet. They claim Villa wore the dress for “attention.”

I suggest they look at her wardrobe previous to the Trump dress.


There was good news for Villa.

Before her appearance her record sales ranked #543,202. However, by midnight she had moved up the charts to number 3. More poetic justice happened as Villa passed both Beyonce and Lady Gaga, in her ascension to #3.

According to a couple of mathematicians, the jump from #543,202 to #3 represents a 18,106,633% increase in sales.

Don’t think this trend went unnoticed on everybody in Hollywood, as other entertainers will soon begin weighing in. Currently, supporting the status quo in entertainment has paid off for a few. But what Villa proved is what we already know. Conservatives are willing to support those who are willing to speak truth.

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