Congresswoman Goes BALLISTIC: Trump and Russian ‘Scumbags’

Congresswoman Maxine Waters Goes BALLISTIC: Trump and Russian ‘Scumbags’

Maxine Waters rants about Trump’s alleged connections to Russia, on fake news MSNBC.

While appearing on MessNBC, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), referred to the Trump administration and its associates as “scumbags.”  She commented that they are part of the “Kremlin Klan,” and suggested they wanted to reform the Soviet Union.

And she should know, given that she refuses to speak with the Trump administration.

Emotions over Substance

Take Note:  When liberals have nothing of substance to bring to the debate, they revert to name-calling. That certainly worked well for them in the last election.

Next, Congressional Democrats constantly accused Republicans of obstructing Obama whenever they disagreed on policy issues. Now who’s the pot calling the kettle black? Liberal hypocrisy once again requires hip boots and shovels.

trumpWaters’ strategy reveals her animus towards Trump, as we reveal a partial list of her unsubstantiated accusations:

  1. Trump lied throughout his presidential campaign.
  2. The president is colluding with his “Kremlin Klan” to remove sanctions from Russia, so they can all profit from “the oil and gas industry.”
  3. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s “real job” is to remove sanctions from Russia.  “This Kremlin Klan is all about getting the oil and gas money and doing the drilling.”
  4. Trump repealed Dodd-Frank specifically to protect all his friends at oil companies who don’t “disclose the money that they were using to bribe these countries within Africa and other places.”

How do liberals expect the rest of us to take them seriously when all they spew are false allegations, rumor, and innuendo?

Character Doesn’t Matter, Unless You’re Conservative

Accusing Trump of quid pro quo with Russia to guarantee his election victory, Waters again offered no evidence for her false claims:

[Russia] hacked into the election because they have to make sure that Donald Trump got elected. So this that he could help them with what I think a huge deal. Not only to lift these sanctions but to take over all of these Soviet countries and pull them back into the Soviet Union so they can have access to all of these resources.”

Think the host would bother to question Waters on her delusions?

Waters next asserted:

It’s clear to me and I just think the American people have to have a better understand what’s going on…This is a bunch of scumbags. That’s what they are.”

And Waters should certainly know scumbags, given that she is part of the Party of Scumbags. The Party of Slavery, and worse yet, the Party Who Booed GOD!

As for her attacks on Trump, she offers no fundamental disagreement with Trump’s policies; just character attacks.

And here I thought liberals said “character doesn’t matter” in a president?  Or is that just reserved for Democrat presidents like Clinton, ergo “It’s his PRIVATE LIFE!”

The Left’s double standard was evident under Obama.  Republican opposition to this jackabout could only be due to Obama’s more prominent melanin.

Leftists long for the days when spin trumps facts again. But those days are over.


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