Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters PUNKED by Russian Comedian (video)

The Congressional Black Caucus represents the morons of all morons in Congress. They even have a silly Negro who believes Guam can TIP OVER!

So when Maxine Waters got punked by Russian comedians, the prank prove the ignorance of CBC members par for the course.

As reported by The American Mirror,

A Russian comedian has posted a phone conversation on his Facebook page he claims is with California Congresswoman Maxine Waters in which he poses as the prime minister of Ukraine.

And Waters falls for it — hard.

“I was surprised to hear that you called me,” Waters tells a man known as Vovan, “but I’m delighted to talk with you.”

The comedian, posing as Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, and Waters discussed U.S. sanctions on Russia and Donald Trump’s position on them.

He went on to tell Waters that he has “good relations with Ms. Clinton.”

“She doing fine,” Waters responded. “She has come out some. I think she did one or two speeches and she’s been tweeting a bit on her telephone.

“So she’s coming back, she’s going to be alright.”

What I liked most happened when the comedian tested Waters knowledge of geography:

Separated at Birth - Maxine WatersThe comedian informed Waters that Russians hackers affected elections in the African province of Limpopo.

Next he baited her on the hacking, which she easily fell for:

He told Waters Vladimir Putin advisors “Bovan” and “Lexus” ordered the alleged hacking.

“What are their internet names?” Waters inquired.

The hijinx didn’t end there, as he then informed Waters that Putin invaded Gabon. Waters seemed to believe it.

The article continues,

The comedian told Waters about Putin’s new “hackers weapon.”

“Our president, he was in his office, and he watched the TV,” Vovan said in broken English. “And what happened, his TV channel changed by itself to Russia Today and it was interview with Putin.

“So, I don’t know, somehow they got access to TV lines,” he said.

“It happened to me, too!” Waters exclaimed in response.

“I was on the (House) floor talking and I got blacked out and Russia Today with an ad came on for 10 minutes.

The comedian’s accomplice is heard laughing in the background. Ironically, that’s what most leaders of other countries did, when Obama’s State Department called.

Yet again America’s Democrats are shown to be the morons we know them to be. You can bet that Waters would have been Clinton’s likely choice as Secretary of State.


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