Mayor Calls HIS Staged Protesters “Uneducated Morons”

A Leftist Mayor was caught on a “hot mic”, as he ridiculed the protesters that he bused.

Joseph PettyHypocrisy much?

Worcester, Massachusetts Mayor Joseph Petty was caught on a hot mic Tuesday, denigrating the protesters that he asked to attend his city council meeting. When these protesters, who Petty had bused in from Northampton, prevented the meeting from beginning, Petty slew insults at them, TurtleBoy Sports reported.

Leftist on Leftist Crime

Hundreds of protesters packed Worcester City Hall on Tuesday night to support Worcester’s sanctuary status for immigrants.

According to, political rival and Councilor-At-Large Michael Gaffney had a resolution on the agenda to remove Worcester’s sanctuary city status. So, naturally, Petty wanted to make sure he had plenty of “community” support to vote down Gaffney’s proposal.

But these protesters weren’t from Worcester.  Petty had them bused in from Northampton specifically to protest Gaffney’s measure. What Petty didn’t count on was the mindless, and yes, ‘moronic’ way these protesters obstructed the council meeting with repeated chants on behalf illegal immigrants’ rights.

The Telegram reported that Petty called hundreds of protesters “morons” and “not educated at all,” after they delayed the start of the City Council meeting with their loud chanting.

When the protesters disrupted the meeting several more times, Petty let loose on a hot mic, calling the protesters “freakin’ morons. Morons, morons, morons.”

When the chanting erupted again, Petty said,

“These people are not educated. They’re not educated at all.”

You Get What You Pay For

When things finally calmed down, The Telegram reported, Mr. Petty started the meeting. He apologized for the delay and said: “I guess this is democracy in action.”

No, actually, it’s the Leftist playbook in action. You called on these sheeple to protest your political opponents’ resolution, Mr. Mayor, all so you could score a perceived, taxpayer-financed political victory.

This idiot has no one to blame but but himself for their undemocratic lunacy.  He brings in “untrained” attack dogs, who won’t let him rob the place for all their incessant barking.

Staged Stupidity

The Telegram also reported that council meeting protesters had arrived earlier in the day for a rally against President Trump’s temporary travel order, restricting immigration from dangerous countries. Petty promoted the rally and asked people to attend the council meeting to reject Gaffney’s resolution.

During discussion on Gaffney’s proposal, the sheeple mob jeered when he spoke. 

These were not “protesters,” but instead bullies, there to intimidate their political opponents, just as the mayor had intended.  If the real populace were against the proposal to eliminate the ILLEGAL sanctuary city status, they would have come out themselves. Disingenuous Leftist want it to appear that those affected are the ones who care. 

Why not let the actual citizens of Worcester speak for themselves, Mr. Mayor?  Oh wait, we can’t.  There’s no room for them at City Hall just now.

Apology Not Accepted

Mr. Petty apologized for his remarks, saying it’s an embarrassment, and that he was wrong, according to The Telegram.

The mayor’s remarks prompted his main adversary on the council to call for his resignation.  Gaffney called Petty’s statements, “conduct that is an embarrassment” to his office and the city, and called for him to resign.

Not only was Petty’s behavior an embarrassment, it also revealed his character. He used those protesters to force his political agenda on the citizens of Worchester.  They were political currency, nothing more; there there to put on a show.

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