Media Won’t Report Clinton “DISMAL” RECORD on Illegals

President Trump was introduced to the ghost of Clinton past. Bill Clinton that is.

We learn that Trump’s travel order pales in comparison to what Bill Clinton did.

Things may have changed, as the dust has settled on Bill Clinton’s legacy. However, there was a time when leftists loved Bill Clinton.

Whether Bill was “jizzing” on the blue dress of an intern performing fellatio on him, or he was bombing an aspirin factory in some country in Africa, leftists stayed firmly by his side.

Even when Bill Clinton took a bold stance against illegal immigration, he got no push-back. People really did treat Bill Clinton like the first black president.

Perhaps they were mesmerized by his jazz sax serenades? Whatever the cause, leftists offered only radio silence, as Clinton invoked the same language as Donald Trump. Then Clinton did more.

While Donald Trump approved the building of a wall to protect the people inside America, Clinton took a more dramatic step.

Clinton deported illegals in record numbers. He deported twice as many illegals as any President before him. Moreover, Clinton declared that illegal immigration steals jobs from American workers. Clinton next issued a crackdown on illegal hiring.

Next Clinton advised that public services used by illegal immigrants burden taxpayers. Thus, he declared that illegal aliens should NOT receive welfare benefits.

Is all of this starting to sound somewhat familiar?

Clinton then hired more border security.


While the snowflakes are busy shouting “injustice” and claiming that America is being destroyed by creating border security, they’re forgetting one thing. The first black president did exactly what Donald Trump did, except he did it first.

Interestingly, much of what Clinton advocated came from a report Congress issued. The report was spearheaded by Barbara Jordan.

Barbara Jordan: Civil Rights Leader

Barbara Jordan immigration

Barbara Jordan was an educator turned lawyer turned politician. A Democrat, she was the first black woman elected to the Texas Senate after the Civil War.

Jordan helped impeach Richard Nixon and she held a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Jordan went down in history for her accomplishments in the Democratic Party.

This democratic icon said illegal immigration needed to be dealt with sternly. She even chaired the U.S. Commission for Immigration Reform.

Jordan argued,

“It is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.”

When she said we need increased restriction of immigration and we must increase penalties on employers that violated U.S. immigration regulations, she was admired. The NAACP presented her with the Spingarn Medal to add to her many other awards. Jordan is enshrined in the Texas and National Women’s Halls of Fame for her work…opposing illegal immigration.

Two Democrat icons, Clinton and Jordan, took the same stance that Trump takes today. Like Jordan said:

“What the people want is simple. They want an America as good as its promise.”

More so than ever before, Trump makes America honor the promises to the next generation.


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