Milo and George Takei: BORN Gay Or MADE Gay

Milo and George Takei: BORN Gay Or MADE Gay

Lady Gaga sang in her hit song Born This Way,

It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M
Just put your paws up ’cause you were born this way, baby

The song became somewhat an anthem for gays, as the debate raged on whether somebody becomes gay is or born gay.

Maybe Milo and George Takei can shed light on this for us?

milo-takeiWhen Milo Yiannopoulos declared that formative relationships occurred for him at an early age, where he allowed himself to enjoy man-boy sex, was he helping to answer the question?

As we all know by know, Milo was bludgeon for his explanation of his personal sexual dalliances, and his career has undoubtedly suffered. Too bad he wasn’t a professed Leftists, as he would be canonized.

Next came publicity seeker George Takei. According to Heat Street, Takei discussed a similar experience as Milo:

In a 2006 interview, Star Trek actor, Pizza Hut promoter, and liberal Twitter pundit George Takei spoke positively of being molested by an older man during his adolescence. His essentially agreed with the now-tanked conservative provocateur on the benefits of pederasty.

On the Howard Stern Show, Takei shared details of his first sexual experience with the host and co-host Robin Quivers, who gleefully enjoyed his retelling of how he, as a 13-year-old boy, was molested by an “18- or 19”-year-old counselor at summer camp at Lake Arrowhead in Los Angeles.

Takei, who said he lost his virginity to the older man, talked about how he found the counselor sexually attractive in retrospect, and described him as “experienced.” He said it was the first time he’d ever done anything sexual and did not know he was gay at the time.

According to the article, Stern and Quivers poked and prodded at Takei about his experience. They spoke of the sexual assault by the older man as if it were an episode of an erotic Letter to Penthouse.

Here is the transcript.

Howard Stern: How were you alone? It’s summer camp.

George Takei: We were in the cabin.

Stern: And where were the other boys?

Takei: They were off hiking or something.

Robin Quivers: Doing little boy things.

Stern: Do you think subconsciously you stayed behind because you wanted to be alone with him [the 19-year-old-camp counselor]?

Takei: No, there was some kind of reason why I had to be there.

Stern: Were you on your period?

Quivers: Oh yes he was!

Stern: And he sat down and he touched you… Were you molested in a sense, because you were 13?

Takei: No, no. Cause I was kind of, you know—well, I thought he was pretty attractive.

Quivers: And you wanted to know why you felt this way.

Takei: Yes.


Quivers: Now wait a moment. He starts touching you how?

Stern: I don’t know if I need to hear all this.

Quivers: Does he put a hand on your knee? Or does he put his arm around your shoulder?

Takei: He puts his arm around my shoulders.

Stern: Oh yeah.

Takei: Then he started, you know, touching the private parts.

Robin Quivers: Ahh! Was he gazing into your eyes the whole time? Was he saying anything?

Takei: Oh, he was telling me about, you know, how life works.

Stern: And what did he do, did he perform oral sex on you?

Takei: It was a hand job.

Quivers: Was there kissing?

Takei: Oh, sure!

Stern: Who wants a hand job without kissing?


Takei: It was both wonderful and scary and kind of intimidating, and delightful. I mean, all those opposites.

So in essence, before Takei really understood his own sexuality, some older gay sexual predator decided it for him.

The only way to describe Takei’s particular incident is to describe the “camp counselor” as a gay sexual predator and likely pedophile.

Milo explained that his experience may have been different. He gleefully declared that by the age of 14 or so, he knew to whom he was attracted. He even described himself as perhaps the predator.  But Milo didn’t disavow women, either. So what was he saying?

My question is, “Would both Milo and George Takei be gay today, had either of their experiences involved women?”

I’d say the LGBT community has a quandary on its hands.


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