MMA Fighter Helps Save Trump Supporter Beaten at Berkeley (video)

I love being a warrior, and I would have loved to have been at Berkeley riots with MMA veteran Jake Shields.

I’m honored to know many of these warriors and to train others, I respect what most do in and out of the ring, as that’s a special mentality. Jake Shields showed the warrior spirit, when he encountered over 20 Berkeley riot TERRORISTS beating a man simply because he supports President Trump.

The very thing this sorry pieces of crap claim happened to them by Trump supporters is what these clown do to others. Personally, I’d like to take a dozen of my friends out there, so we could take out about 500 of these snowflakes. Trust me, you folks would have a lot of laughs over beer and popcorn, as we dismantle these Leftist Barbarians.

For the naysaysers, note that 20 people beating on one helpless man were fended off by ONE MMA fighter, and Shields didn’t have a scratch on him.

As BJ Penn reported,

Shields is seen in the video saying,

“Dude, you guys have your faces covered, you’re attacking people, you’re being f**king fascists. Look at you guys. You’re f**king embarrassing.”

Shields was right, as these punk ass bitches don’t have the guts to show themselves.

They look like ISIS, then try to pretend they care about issues. These sissies will only fight when they have an overwhelming majority.

The article continues,

One of the masked protesters tells Shields, “I came to make sure you were ok. Now don’t touch them.”

Really? A masked punk carrying a bat decides to check on a professional MMA fighter to see if he was ok.

I don’t know what happened prior to Jake’s Twitter video, but I suspect things didn’t go well for a few of the people who attacked the guy Shield’s protected.

“You can’t have like 20 people jump a guy,” Shields replied. “I’m gonna do whatever I have to. It’s not ok.”

jake-shieldsShields also tweeted, “they attacked him for being a trump supporter no other reason.”

Leftists are slimeballs, to their evil cores. I’ve said many times, that Leftists can’t feel shame, because they have black hearts.

All this began, because Berkeley students didn’t want a different point of view. Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart was scheduled to speak at the campus of UC Berkeley, and those fascists didn’t want that. As we’ve learned about wackademia, they want ONE point of view, the wrong point of view–Leftist.

The protest ended up as most Leftists’ protests end up…in complete chaos. The speech was eventually canceled.

When Barack Obama was elected, there were no such protests. The Left had won, so the world was good. But let the Left lose, and those assholes lose it.

Let’s show Jake Shields some love. Let him know how you feel by tweeting him @JakeShieldsajj with #TeamKJ



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