Muslim Spies Who Worked For Democrats Stole $100,000 from Iraqi

Muslim Spies Who Worked For Democrats Stole $100,000 from an Iraqi

Sometimes we get much more than we bargain for. Such is the case with the brothers Awan, who didn’t bargain they’d get caught.

Last week I wrote about the brothers who made a living as IT scammers for House Democrats. An investigation uncovered evidence that these Muslim operatives were stealing data and over-billing for their services. However, those revelations barely scratched the surface of what these Muslim spies pulled off.

As it turns out, these overpaid staffers received $100,000 from an Iraqi politician through the House of Representatives computer network. Was the money stolen; who’s to say. All we know is the money was taken.

Trail of Debt:

By 2009, the family was seemingly very busy. Not only were they the Democrats’ go-to IT guys, but they had time to manage a car dealership in Virginia. Abid managed the dealership after throwing in $250,000 to start the business. And he certainly had the financial wherewithall, as he was paid for at least two well-paid full-time jobs.

This $100,000 loan came from Dr. Ali al-Attar, an alleged Iraqi political figure. The funds were funneled through a company nearly impossible to trace.

According to the Daily Caller:

The $100,000 loan came as the dealership continued to rack up debt, court records show.

“Ali Al-Attar was out of the country as he was involved in politics and the formation of the Iraqi government,” Khattak said in court documents.

In addition to his other jobs, Imran is a real estate agent, and Khattak is also a realtor who obtained the cash from Al-Attar and passed it through bank accounts used for real estate deals in Fairfax County, Va.

“Having lost my and Abid’s collective investment of $500k due to Awan’s mismanagement, [CIA] was further in debt $400k to other creditors,” Khattak said in a lawsuit.

Khattak said Imran masterminded the family’s finances and by late 2010, Imran “was running the business in full control” and “instructed Abid not to even speak to anyone.”

The Iraqi cash disappeared amid a dispute between Khattak and the Awans. Khattak said defaulting on the loan meant Al-Attar now owned the business, but the Awans refused to relinquish control.

But is this the end of the story?

The Trail of Deceptive Democrats

Imran Awan is known as the ringleader of the group. The group also included his brothers Abid and Jamal. Later, two wives, Hina Alvi, Imran’s wife and Natalia Sova, Abid’s wife were added to the scheme.

This team provided IT services since 2005 for Florida Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairwoman. Further, they worked for Texas, Rep. Joaquin Castro, Rep. Sandy Levin, and dozen of House Democrats.

These Pakistanis has essentially unfettered access to sensitive data, including emails and other documents. They were able to tap into messages regarding intelligence, foreign affairs, and homeland security.

They were put under investigation, where it was discover that classified information was copied to an off-site server.

What does it all mean?

The Awans wanted the good life.  Were willing to do anything to get it, including the potential sell secrets?

Let’s hope we can get to the bottom of this story, quickly. The longer we wait, the more time these scammers get to cover their butts.

Awannow claims the Iraqi doctor might not have existed at all. If he does exist, who is he? And did the Awans sell him secrets for that money?

We will provide updates as they become available.

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