SHOCKING: NY Times Had Same Story BACKWARDS Then Changed Narrative

Americans now know we live in the “fake news” era.

ny-times-fake-newsWe’ve subtly known it for some time, however thanks to WikiLeaks and astute observations by many, our instincts have been confirmed.

A group known as News Diffs, compared a couple of New York Times “takes” on a situation brewing in China between President Donald Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping.

The stunning revelation is at the end. However for now, note the two approaches to the article as highlighted by the News Diffs.


I put the exact article below, without the highlights, in case it was too difficult to read.

Feb. 9, 2017
China’s President, Stung by Taiwan Call, Is Said to Shun TrumpAfter Silence From Xi, Trump Endorses the ‘One China’ Policy

WASHINGTON — When the White House announced this week that President Trump had sent President Xi Jinping of China a letter wishing him a happy Chinese New Year, it did not disclose a major reason for the friendly gesture: Mr. Xi had not, at that point, gotten on the phone with Mr. Trump.

Stung by Mr. Trump’s unorthodox telephone call with the president of Taiwan and his subsequent assertion that the United States might no longer abide by the “One China” policyThat changed on Thursday night, when the two leaders had what the White House described as a “lengthy conversation” during which Mr. Trump agreed to honor the “One China” policy the president had previously refused to commit to uphold.

Stung by an earlier, and unorthodox, telephone call between Mr. Trump and the president of Taiwan, Mr. Xi had not spoken to Mr. Trumpthe American leader since Nov. 14, the week after he was elected. Administration officials say they believe he will only do sohad predicted a conversation would come only after Mr. Trump publicly committed to recognizing a single Chinese government in Beijing.
The letter, which the White House took the unusual step of releasing publicly on Wednesday, wasAnd so Mr. Trump, during what the White House called “a lengthy telephone conversation,” formally and officially bent to Beijing.

The exercise here is how the media sets the narrative.

Regardless of how this story is written, it reflects negatively on Donald Trump. The New York Times has no idea what was discussed, though they allude to the discussion coming about due to the “One China” policy.

I’m sure the discussion didn’t occur due to China’s enormous advantage over the United States in trade?

The U.S. trade deficit with China was $367 billion in 2015 This is a new record, up slightly from last year’s record of $343 billion. The trade deficit exists because U.S. exports to China were only $116.2 billion while imports from China hit a new record of $483.9 billion.

So The New York Times wanted you to believe either way the story was written.

China refused a meeting with its largest client, unless Donald Trump–the man who wrote, The Art of the Deal–rolls over?

Somebody played “pull my finger,” because this smells.


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