Obama DHS Awards $400,000 to Crazed Trump-Bashing Organizer Before Leaving Office

Funny how the Leftist media ignored this little tidbit of theft from the taxpayer. But when it comes to buying hate, Obama gets a pass.

And that’s what that America-hating, Trump-loathing scumbag Obama did. He bought himself some hate.

 As Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit reported,

On January 13, 2017, Homeland Security announced grants made by the outgoing Homeland administration in an effort to focus its efforts on countering Radical Islam.

One of the grantee groups, Life After Hate was awarded $400,000 from the outgoing Obama administration.

The chairman of Life After Hate, Christian Picciolini, has published tweets for months calling for the Trump administration to be overthrown.

obama-old-and-grayI’m surprised this guy didn’t end up working for The Clinton Foundation. Oh wait, the foundation is no longer hiring.

Does it surprise anybody that Obama would allow funds to go to an Islamic front group, that’s likely sending the money directly to ISIS? Moreover, that they would fund a group known to be attacking one of America’s most solid citizens.

So much for the smooth, peaceful transition of power.

President-elect Trump, would you like a nipple twist with your kick in the nuts?

Picciolini may fool others, but he doesn’t fool me. I know race-pimping when I see it, and this is first-class race-pimping.

In the Era of Obama, what do you believe is the best way to get to other people’s money? Need a primer? Well here you go…

Consider that an Italian set up the organization. Now I know what you’re thinking, and “Fahget about it. We ain’t tawkin’ nothin’ about dat ting of ders.”

But let’s say that the Mafia wanted a scam during the Era of Obama. The goombas might pretend to care about Muslims. They then apply for, how do we say…”contracts.”

Then the government awards the Italians those contracts, and bada boom bada bing.

As Picciolini would say,

“No more waste management. No more concrete. No more strip cl…well maybe we don’t get rid of everything, bada boom bada bing.”

You can bet that Picciolini got his last DHS contract. He will definitely need to find a new racket. He might be able to get The Clinton Foundation cheap!


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