Barack Obama PICKS FIGHT: Has Dirty Dossier on Trump

Obama didn’t amass the largest database in political history for nothing.

And you know he guaranteed himself a few “get of jail free” cards, after he left the Oval Office.

So now the game begins, as Maxine Waters explained back in 2013.

Obama made the unprecedented move by former presidents when he announced defiantly that he would not go away. Early in his presidency Obama began building the subversive infrastructure to undermine any president. Some speculate that Obama wanted Hillary Clinton because she would much easier to control and manipulate. You can bet he never predicted Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, regardless of who was president, America’s former Egomaniac-in-Chief vowed to remain prominent, and he had the minions at Organizing for America (OFA) to back him up. How else could Obama protect such a failed record of accomplishment, unless he torpedoed the next president?

As Canada Free Press wrote of Obama’s presence,

The howls of the hounds can be heard running the latest fox to ground in Washington, D.C.

The vociferous, blood-smelling hounds out on the loose are not Russian.  They hunker down under the cover of anonymity right inside the White House, lying in wait for the next fox hunt ordered by the Barack Obama Shadow Government, still up and running three months after the election.

Somewhere incognito since Donald Trump Inauguration Day, Barack Obama clings onto the kind of control that comes from his stores of ‘Blackmail Bait’.

If Trump is going to drain the swamp, he needs to be careful of alligators.

Recent allegations of Democrats in the Senate holding up Trump’s team center around the legacy Obama infrastructure. These people detest President Trump with immeasurable vitriol.

Trump has fired the Director of the Secret Service, and there are many other Obama holdbacks who will fall on the sword. The fact is, Trump is at war with the remnants of the Obama government.

As the Daily Mail reported on Jan. 12, 2017,

“A former British ambassador to Russia has today admitted he told John McCain about the contents of the ‘dirty’ Trump dossier – but denied handing it to the President-elect’s sworn enemy.

One would be obtuse not to at least consider how Obama avoided prosecution in so many obvious traitorous acts.




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