Obama’s War On Cops Rages: 2 Officers Gunned Down

Obama’s War On Cops Rages: 2 Officers Gunned Down

One Southwest Houston neighborhood is on lock-down as are several local schools after another call to police has ended in gunfire.

Obama maybe out of office, but his war on cops rages on. This is just one more incident to showcase the growing danger police face.

Right now swat teams are combing neighborhoods looking for suspects.

As Fox News Reports:

Officers approached a home after a reported burglary, sources tell FOX 26 News reporter Isiah Carey. Mayor Sylvester Turner says the suspects were still in the area when officers arrived and shooting broke out. Two officers were shot. One of the officers was shot multiple times and suffered a shot to his spine. One of the suspects is dead.

Officer Jose Munoz, who has served with HPD for ten years, was taken to Ben Taub Hospital and is in stable condition. Officer Ronny Cortez, who has served with HPD for 24 years, was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital – Texas Medical Center and is listed in critical condition.

As a result of the search for the suspect, the following schools have been locked down near the crime scene:

  • Valley West Elementary
  • Gross Elementary
  • Welch Middle School

The Houston Community College Brays Oaks Campus has also been locked down as a precaution.

HPD war on copsAccording to Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, one of the officers lived on the street where the burglary occurred. He was apparently the first to respond. Turner said the suspects had several stolen guns and they opened fire on the officers when they approached a backyard shed.

Officer Cortez reportedly has a bullet lodged near his spine. This could prove to be a complicated injury for the veteran officer.

It’s true that police go into this job knowing it can be life-threatening.

It’s truer that since Obama, the threats are faster and more furious. The question is, “When will it end?”

We know Trump will put a stop to this war soon. Even if it has to begin one city at a time.

As we previously reported, such violence will never be accepted in a Trump administration. Meanwhile, two more officers have been added to the victim count.

Stay tuned for more information as this breaking story develops.

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