Piers Morgan told to “F Off” on Live TV for Defending Trump

Piers Morgan has been no friend to Conservatives, and his anti-gun stance ultimately got him kicked off CNN. Over time, Morgan seems to have gained some sanity, as he’s come to see the worldview differently.

Morgan has even begun defending Donald Trump.

So when Piers Morgan appeared on HBO’s ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ where they discussed Donald Trump’s foreign policy, you knew sparks would fly.

Piers Morgan Jim Jeffries

After Morgan was asked by Maher about President Trump’s travel “ban”, he attempted to explain his side of things. He was rudely interrupted by a comedic hack named Jim Jeffries, when told Piers Morgan to ‘F*ck Off!’

Bill Maher: “The people who said during the campaign that Hillary Clinton was the lesser of two evils, could we get the apology right now?”

Piers Morgan: “Why?!”

Bill Maher: “Are you serious?!”

Piers Morgan: “I’m serious”

Bill Maher: “…(Hillary) wouldn’t have a Muslim ban…”

Piers Morgan: “Calm down Bill, there is no Muslim ban.”

Jim Jeffries: “F*ck Off! F*ck Off!”

This next part may be hard to swallow, but Jim Jeffries went on to compare Donald Trump to Hitler.

Just we are clear, President Trump is mostly undoing the executive orders by Barack “Adolf” Obama, yet Trump is Hitler? Further, President Trump is doing exactly what he promised, unlike almost any president in history, yet he’s Hitler?

Leftists may soon realize that the sting of being associated with Hitler or David Duke will be nothing in comparison to saying you twice voted for Barack Obama.

Moreover, to be part of the cabal that has Rosie O’Donnell and her big sister Michael Moore will not be cocktail talk in less than a year.

In case you don’t know who Jim Jeffries is, don’t feel bad. From his own website,

Official website for Australian stand-up comedian Jim Jefferies. Jefferies has made a cottage industry out of bad behavior. Never one to shy away from a drink…

When you research this story, it’s quite fascinating.

First, they tell you that Jim Jeffries ripped Piers Morgan. I find it interesting that the “tolerant Left” have decided that telling somebody to “F**k off!” is now considered tolerant. It’s essentially the Left admitting defeat.

Next, in my research I found that hardly anybody believes that Morgan lost this battle. HuffPo used J.K. Rowling, a fiction book writer to do their bidding.

Here’s the tweet from Rowling.

Yippee! Leftist found ONE person who back up Jim Jeffries.


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