The caliphate will reside in America soon, if the leftists get their way.

As you know, Europe has hundreds of “no go” zones. These are places where indigenous citizens dare not go. And in fact, neither can the police.

These places are run by radical Muslims, who practice their laws without regard for existing law. Because in Islam, there is no other law but Islam.

So watch as a Muslim mob chases a police car out of one such “no go” zone.

This was the original Twitter link to the video we posted earlier. https://twitter.com/America_1st_/status/832396132324167681

UPDATE: Twitter banned the account of the person who showed this video of Muslims chasing police.

For the bonehead leftist women who marched against Trump, you should be marching against Islam. Women in France are.

As The Express documented,

FRENCH women have launched a fightback to reclaim areas of the country turned into no go zones by Muslim men as a shocking report lays bare the state of social segregation caused by mass migration.

In this video, you can hear the disbelief of the reporter, as she is told that she is no longer in France, but Saudi Arabia.

The MUST WATCH video is here. We removed it due to autostart.

In The Local, an attack on police was reported in a “no go” zone.

After a violent petrol bomb attack on four officers near Paris, France’s prime minister insisted there were no no-go zones in the country, but police unions themselves told The Local the reality is very different.
Valls was paying a visit to the suburb of Paris where four police officers were injured on Saturday after coming under fire from a hail of Molotov cocktails.
The incident, which left one officer in a critical condition, occurred near the notorious housing estate of La Grande Borne in Viry-Châtillon, to the south of Paris.
The attack on the officers, who were protecting a CCTV camera installed in an area where there had been a spate of robberies on motorists, was used as ammunition by opposition politicians who claimed the government had allowed lawless areas to develop.
But PM Valls, who was joined by interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said: “The authority of the state will be guaranteed. There are no no-go zones” before acknowledging that there are “particularly difficult areas”.

I refer you to the earlier video, if you believe there are no “no go” zones in Paris.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz described the “no go” zones in LifeZette:

“The rules of engagement are if [police are] chasing a subject, no matter what this guy did, once they cross that threshold [into a Muslim area], they stop pursuit, and if they want to actually go in they have to call an entire armed convoy,” Horowitz said. “There used to be a police station in Rinkeby [another no-go neighborhood that Horowitz visited], and they had to get rid of it,” he noted.

So when leftists discuss “moderate Muslims” and multiculturalism, send them a link to this article.


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