BREAKING: President Trump BOMBING ISIS Stronghold

Donald Trump said he would “bomb the sh*t out of ISIS,” and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

As the Washington Examiner reported,

An Islamic State command-and-control headquarters in western Mosul was destroyed by a coalition air strike, the Defense Department announced on Saturday.

The five-story Bab Sinjar administration building, which also served as a propaganda facility, was located in the Jumhuri medical community complex, the release from Operation Inherent Resolve said. The U.S.-led coalition carried out the strike in Iraq on Friday.

Islamic State terrorists regularly use protected sites like hospitals, schools and mosques for activities to try to protect themselves from air strikes, but the coalition determined through intelligence collection that the building was no longer used for any medical purposes and that there were no civilians at the site.

The air strike was one of three in Mosul on Friday. The other strikes destroyed other Islamic State assets, including four watercraft, three front-end loaders, two shipping containers, a mortar system, an artillery system and a facility to make vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices.

One thing ISIS will certainly learn as Leftists in America are learning: Trump keeps his campaign promises.

I’d love to be in the war room with ISIS as the carnage begins to mount. Further, what will other world leaders think.

Trump was pressed on what his response would be with Russia, and I believe he will deal with Putin differently, likely using our economy. However ISIS will be different, as it is a different war.

President Trump’s refugee policy has already severed the head from the snake. Once he has renewed his intelligence apparatus, ISIS will be in big trouble.

As for this airstrike, there were reports that ISIS militants had hidden among civilians in Mosul. Further they were storing weapons in hospitals, schools, mosques, and churches to avoid being targeted while they are under siege.

As we have learned with these cowards, Islamic State terrorists regularly use protected sites like hospitals, schools, and mosques for activities in their efforts to protect themselves from air strikes. It didn’t work this time, and it won’t work in the future.

We will update as more comes in.





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