President Trump Makes HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT Ahead of White House Correspondents’ Dinner

President Trump Makes HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT Ahead of White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The media has been threatening to disrupt the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

There was even a story that Bloomberg canceled the “after dinner” soiree.

Well now the king has spoken. Donald Trump tweeted that he will not be attending the event.

President Trump has been at war with the media, since he announced as a candidate for the presidency. The media didn’t begin harsh, as they merely reported what others said about then candidate Trump.

However as time passed, the media did what it always does, and sided with the Left. We learned much of the media’s collusion with both the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign, which for all intents was one and the same.

More and more details revealed just how corrupt the media is, exceeded only by the corruption of the Democrats.

Overtures of Media about the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

The dinner was in question for one reason only. Donald Trump kicked Hillary Clinton’s ass, and the media had to grin and bear it.

These Leftist morons figured they would be celebrating Hillary Clinton’s presidency, but no such luck for them.

As Leftist rag Salon called the dinner the unholy collaboration of press and the presidency. You know they though Clinton was a lock. They wrote:

Among the many traditions our new president threatens to disrupt is the possible destruction of that not-so-venerable institution, the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. That’s the one you can catch on C-SPAN, where journalists, decked out in tuxes and evening gowns, rub shoulders with pols, Hollywood celebrities (who are usually invitees — trophies really — of the larger press organizations) and, of course, the president. As one reporter put it, it’s where the press and the president declare a truce for one evening while a comic flays both sides. Everyone in Washington jokingly calls it “nerd prom.”

This year, what has thrown the White House Correspondents’ Association into a tizzy is, of course, Donald Trump. Already two news outlets, Vanity Fair and the New Yorker, have canceled their traditional sponsorship of parties around the dinner, and others are threatening a boycott, which forced the WHCA to issue a statement that the dinner was indeed still being held on April 29 as scheduled.

This was more for the press than it was for the president. The only time these people enjoy the event is when a Leftist president is in place. Otherwise the event is a veritable roast.

I hope Donald Trump has another event and only brings in new media. I’d love to emcee it, and see a room full of my Conservative media friends.

We’d roast Liberals like they’ve never seen before. What a reminder that would be that we stomped their asses.

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