Professors Paid $1,000 to Teach ANTI-TRUMP Workshops

If you think the animus towards Donald Trump came from nowhere, think again, Rodin.

Hatred of Trump and conservatives is taught. For black leftists, it begins at birth. For whites, it begins in school.

anti-trump workshopsDonald Trump represented success, prior to officially becoming a Republican. But post-declaration, he has become a pariah to the Left.

According to Campus Reform,

The University of California at Los Angeles has paid at least six professors up to $1,000 each to teach anti-Trump workshops during the Spring semester alone.

In addition, at least two similar workshops are already scheduled for the Winter semester, totaling 8 workshops altogether with $8,000 in taxpayer funds being doled out to their instructors.

How can this even be allowed? Universities should require neutrality, however they have devolved into leftist cesspools. And we’ve allowed it.

The article continues,

While the workshops, sponsored by the “Dean’s fund for programs and teaching related to the 2016 presidential election,” purport to discuss “diverse viewpoints about the election and what it portends,” many seem to advocate for a decidedly anti-Trump agenda and none appear to offer a contrasting perspective.

One workshop, for instance, titled “Bullied by Trump’s Tweets? University Students on Edge,” will explore the reasons why “some students have come to feel increasingly marginalized and fearful during Trump’s presidency.”

“Who feels endangered by Trump’s tweets: people of color, under-served, undocumented, disabled, sexual minorities, older, working-class, and international students navigating changing regulations about personhood, citizenship, and border crossings?” a description for the workshop questions.

Diverse viewpoints? These people offer a “bash Trump” agenda that is as transparent as Hillary Clinton’s cauliflower thighs.

Let’s look at the agenda for the workshops. The advertisement was obtained by The Daily Bruin, and has as the syllabus:

“…the classes will investigate the “different aspects of [Trump’s] administration,” with one workshop called “Communications, Science, and Authoritarianism, Then and Now” examining the “role of communications and science in societies trending toward authoritarianism” and asking students to “track and analyze the new administration.”

We have begun to see a word used often with Trump, and that word is “populism.” The workshops mention this word as well.

“Whitelash or Working Class Revolt? Making Sense of [the] Rise of Trump and New Populism,”

This class, the advertisement explains,

“…seeks to cultivate an understanding of the “rise of populism in [the] U.S. resulting in [the] rise of Trump [and] his popularity with white, working class men.”

What’s interesting to note in “academia” is the focus on President Trump as a subject. When he was a mere billionaire, Donald Trump held little appeal to the whackademics. However now he’s the cat’s meow.

trump-hand-in-airAs Campus Reform notes, there was no interest in workshops about Obama.

Notably, Professor Reynaldo Macias, who served as Dean of Social Sciences after Obama’s election in 2008, acknowledged when speaking with The Bruin that he did not offer any workshops at the time on opposing the Obama administration.

I guess they could just do that in church, as they packed the pews to worship their messiah?

Professor Laura Gomez, Interim Dean of Social Sciences explained that she developed the aforementioned “dean’s fund.” The fund was used to persuade professors to participate.

Apparently previously professors were not compensated for teaching the seminar-style workshops as part of the Fiat Lux program. This program was established in 2001 to facilitate discussions about topics that are not typically discussed in normal classes.

Now Trump-bashing and conservative-bashing have a funded source outside of class.




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