Racist Chuck Schumer DESPERATE For Blacks: Staff TOO White

Racist Chuck Schumer DESPERATE For Blacks: Staff TOO White

93% of racist Leftists Democrats staffers are white. Now Chuck Schumer feels pressure to colorize things.

Democrats receive 95 percent of their votes from black people, but their staffs are less than 10 percent black. Still Liberals consistently call Republicans racist?

Now minority groups and lobbyists are applying more pressure to create a staff to reflect our multicultural population. They’ve tried for years, but never had much success.

In fact, studies in 2015 highlighted the disparities.

Even though Obama was the first black president, nothing improved. So now lobbyists have threatened to cut off funding.

Schumer listens when money is mentioned!

Schumer diversityWith a loss of funding hanging over his head, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is pushing a package of new rules. These directives supposedly promote diversity.

The extensive new mandate requires at least one minority applicant interview for all future senior job openings in Senate offices.

The “Rooney rule” is considered a key element, as the new-hires might eventually hire the next set of staffers. Therefore, one minority would theoretically lead to another.

Truthfully that interview won’t amount to a hill of beans. Some poor schmuck will sit there rattling of his or her resume while the job will secretly already belong to the Senator’s brother-in-law’s golf buddy. Please, as if Liberals plan on turning a new leaf!

According to Politico, Schumer will also begin publishing statistics on a Senate website dedicated to diversity. The website hosts a resume bank for minority job-seekers. More false hope.

Even though it’s doubtful Liberals will ever really change, Schumer gave his plans proper lip service in a statement to the news.

According to the Daily Caller,

“We must ensure Senate be more reflective of our country’s diverse population. Expanding the diversity initiative, following the Rooney rule and dedicating ourselves to increasing diversity are important steps we can take to help achieve that goal and better serve our country.”

Forgive me if I’m skeptical, but Leftists didn’t increase their black staff under Obama. Democrats have had this problem for decades. Now they want to address it for the optics. Blacks didn’t show up to work, and Hillary Clinton, ergo the Democrats got their butts kicked.

This is more patronizing from Leftists.

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