Rahm Emanuel BLASTED by Black Chicagoan at MSNBC Town Hall

I have written extensively on Rahm Emanuel, because he epitomizes the lame a$$ Leftists who talk a big game to stay in power.

Emanuel sat at the feet of baby black Jesus, Barack Obama, before becoming the mayor of one of America’s largest cesspools. Has Emanuel taken any of those great socialist principles, and made Chicago a better place?

msnbc-town-hallSure…for white folks!

If you live in the city of Chicago, the actual city, then you might be living the dream. Housing values up, access to the best restaurants, shopping, and so on. And for the very fortunate, you get the views.

But if you live on the South, East or West sides of Chicago, you might as well live in HELL.

Black inhabitants are infested with black thugs. Emanuel doesn’t care about the (black) people on the fringes, just those who he thinks can make his city shine, and of course pay those outrageous taxes.

At an MSNBC Town Hall, Emanuel got TOASTED.

As you will see and hear in this video, this young black man showcases his disgust with Emanuel.


And this wasn’t the first time black people struck out at Emanuel.

We chronicled a while back blacks booing Emanuel.

As I discussed in the context of Spike Lee’s Chi-raq, Emanuel has ignored violence in the black communities of Chicago.

In Chi-Raq, Lee chastises the city of Chicago for the violence in the black community, where the Democrat Liberal “Progressive” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said of black gang violence,

“Take it to the alley!”

It seems that Spike Lee has finally gotten his ethno-centric, Democrat-loving boney ass on the right trail of who is the real problem for blacks. Democrats.

The problem is not limited to violence.

It involves many aspects of Leftism, like education. Here we discussed the idea that Chicago schools don’t education blacks, but instead just try to “pass them along.”

When it comes to corruption, Chicago takes the cake. And that’s saying a lot, given all the other large urban indoctrination centers run by Liberal Democratic crooks.

So when I learned of the crony capitalism in schools, I was not surprised. As it turns out, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett pled guilty to corruption charges. Byrd-Bennett had been hand-picked by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to lead the nation’s third largest school system in 2012, until she took a leave of absence in April of this year. Her leave coincided with a federal investigation into her shenanigans. Byrd-Bennett ultimately resigned in June.

According to an article in ABC Chicago affiliate Eyewitness News:

“Facing 20 fraud counts, each of which carried a maximum 20-year prison term, Byrd-Bennett pleaded guilty to only one count under the agreement; the others were dismissed. The government will also ask for a lighter sentence in exchange for Byrd-Bennett’s cooperation in other unnamed cases, according to the deal.”

Antiquated books, antiquated education system being used by antiquated corrupt teachers and administrators.

All under the watchful eye of Democrats.

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