Breaking: Routine Call Turns Into Deadly Ambush for Police

Remnants of the Era of Obama occurred, as two officers were gunned down in CA.

The two officers responded to what they believed what a traffic accident in Whittier, California. As they drove up to render aid, they were greeted with gunfire.

According to Fox News:

They “think they’re there to help, next thing they know they have this guy shooting at them,” Lt. John Corina said.

Corina told reporters the suspect was driving his car and rear-ended other cars that were waiting at a stoplight. The suspect then got out of his car and asked one of the people he hit to help push his car, he added. When police arrived, the suspect started firing, according to Corina.

One officer is dead and the other is critically wounded.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported a gang member who was “all tattooed up” began firing on police as they arrived on scene. Translated from “fake news”: the gang member was black.

You can count on Leftists to figure out a way to blame the police, as they perpetuate the narrative of cops killing blacks. These two officers rode up on blacks, with the attitude of “protect and serve.” For their efforts, they were shot.

Obama spent 8 years stoking the flames of a racial divide, that for the most part had been relegated to the 60’s. Seeing the potential for Leftist profiteering, politically and financially, Obama encouraged hatred, particularly against law enforcement.

Are we Safer?

cop-shooting-whittier deadly ambushThe rising violence in much of the country is driven by a “false narrative” that accuses police of racially biased behavior. Agreeing with that narrative, Obama warns parents their children could be harmed by police. Now things are so unhinged, schemes aimed at putting police in danger are being executed. Fake car accidents, fake domestic disputes, and other fake calls of distress lure officers into these situations where they believe they are going to help someone. Instead they are injured, or worse yet, killed. And where did this all start? It started with a President who wanted to call the police a bunch of racists. Obama’s fake narratives are just like all the fake news the Left creates, and it’s time all of it comes to an end.

Heather MacDonald, author of “The War on Cops: Why We are Less Safe” writes:

Mr. Obama’s Justice Department has imposed an unprecedented number of federal consent decrees on police agencies, subjecting those agencies to years of costly federal monitoring, based on a specious methodology for teasing out alleged systemic police bias. The department assumes that police activity like stops or arrests will be evenly spread across different racial and ethnic populations unless there is police racism. So if police stops are higher among blacks, say, the police, according to this reasoning, must be motivated by bias.

But this analysis ignores the large racial differences in offending and victimization rates. Policing today is data-driven: Cops go where innocent civilians are most being preyed upon—and that is in minority neighborhoods.

The Good News:

Trump can and will end this war on cops. He shines a light on the fake news. More so, Trump will continue to reverse the fake narratives that plague police departments.

As MacDonald writes:

Mr. Trump has rightly observed that “crime and violence is an attack on the poor,” adding that such violence “will never be accepted in a Trump administration.” If President Trump can restore the legitimacy of lawful proactive policing, fewer Americans will have to accept a life bounded by fear.

Unfortunately for at least one officer in L.A. County, it’s too late to make a difference. But you can bet that this death won’t go unnoticed on America’s new law and order president.

President Trump will soon begin reversing damage done by the Obama administration, both with police and in protecting black neighborhoods.

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