San Diego: Muslim INDOCTRINATION on Steroids in Public Schools

Terrorists are teaching your kids not to hate terrorists.

When President Trump got elected, San Diego Unified board members voted to stop Islamophobia in schools, according to KPBS.  So San Diegans’ tax dollars are being spent to imply that Donald Trump’s election confirmed the presence of Islamophobia in U.S. schools. Thus San Diego Unified uses that excuse to justify indoctrinating your kids.

trump cnnIt’s Trump’s Fault

Someone with views different than yours gets elected, and all of a sudden, Islamophobia exists in our schools? Of course; and you can bet there exiists some proof…not!

 A report by CAIR – Council on American-Islamic Relations (the terrorists), says differently:

“In addition to heated campaign rhetoric, school officials were responding to a CAIR study that showed 55 percent of Muslim students in California — double the national average — had experienced bullying.”

Well, there you have it from a reliable source: CAIR. And who exactly is CAIR?

CAIR has been designated a terror group on par with al-Qaeda, HAMAS, and ISIS, by the United Arab Emirates, according to National Review.  Yet, leftist school board members invite this terror group into our middle schools to lecture students and teachers about how to treat Muslims. That wasn’t a question, but a statement.

These terror-sponsors are subtly injecting Sharia thinking into our youth.

How was this “study” conducted? What questions were asked? How did CAIR define “bullying?”

anti-islamophobia-trainingOne week after President Trump’s travel order began restricting immigration from terror-supporting nations, KPBS reported that “Hanif Mohebi of the CAIR” went to Logan Elementary School in San Diego to “teach students and teachers how to handle bullying of Muslims.” Moreover, Mohebi’s been to more than a dozen schools since the election.

Don’t Accept the Premise

Notice the premise of their argument is not based on unbiased research that can be independently verified. Terror supporters like CAIR don’t discuss this topic with facts, but with innuendo that presupposes non-Muslims need to be “instructed.” That’s how the indoctrination begins.

Mohebi said to the Latino seventh- and eighth-graders that when he was a kid, “I used to look exactly like you, and people used to think I’m Mexican. So I’ve heard all the negative stuff that they will say. And it hurts.”

And you can bet that many people today confuse Mexicans with Muslims, particularly when Muslims are sneaking into our country, wait for it…through Mexico.

If a Spaniard is mistaken for a Greek, is that bullying?

CAIR also distributed tips for teachers — like understanding that minimizing eye contact is a sign of respect, not disrespect, among Muslims.

KPBS noted that CAIR and its leftist supporters want to balance kids’ understanding of Radical Islamic terrorism on American soil like 9/11, Fort Hood, and San Bernardino, with education about Sharia basics like stoning, child marriage, wife beating, and jihad. I’d love to hear the spin on this.

Taxpayer-Funded Sharia Training

KPBS also reported that eighth-grader Alfonso Ruiz, 14, took the message to heart:

“To all the people who bully Muslims or Latinos, stop it. Treat them with respect. Even though they’re from a different race or religion, they’re still human beings,” he said.

Shut up, Ruiz. I’d like to see your birth certificate.

By accepting CAIR’s premise that Islamophobic bullying exists, this student has turned the terror-supporters into victims, and those defending America’s national security into monsters. Another illogical leftist meme is born.

Leftists teach our children that opposing viewpoints about Muslims are forbidden. Meanwhile, terror camps in the Middle East are training their kids to kill us.

Finally, adding insult to injury, the school board will consider broader implementation of Sharia training later this year. Sounds like a project for the Tea Party Community.

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