Senator Tim Scott Reads His Hate Mail: Dems Hate Blacks (VIDEO)

Leftist Intolerance is easier to spot than a kangaroo in a dinner jacket, and Senate Democrats haven’t disappointed.

So On Wednesday evening, black conservative Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) decided to showcase the HATE MAIL he has received for supporting Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL)

Baseless Liberal Vitriol

Public outcry against Scott denigrated the senator based on his race because he supports a nominee that many label a racist.  The Full Video reveals some of the Twitter comments that Scott read:

  • “You are a disgrace to the black race.”
  • “You are an Uncle Tom Scott. “You’re for Sessions. How does a black man turn on his own?”
  • “Senator Tim Scott … doesn’t have a shred of honor. He’s a house Negro.  He is a complete horror.  A big Uncle Tom piece of fertilizer.”

After reading several race-baiting insults, Scott declared,

“I left out all the ones that used the n-word. I just felt like that would not be appropriate.”

The Heart of the Matter

In sharing these angry, racially-charged character attacks, Senator Scott sought to highlight the rampant intolerance offered by too many liberals against conservatives.

“What I’m surprised by, just a smidgeon, is that the Liberal Left that speaks and desires for all of us to be tolerant, do not want to be tolerant of anyone that disagrees with where they are coming from.  So the definition of tolerance isn’t that all Americans experience a high degree of tolerance.  It’s that all Americans who agree with them, experiences this so-called tolerance.”

Liberal intolerance is on display in many quarters of the public square. America, as a country, loses while this remains the case.

“We are at a defining moment in our country … because our country is being pulled apart from extremes on both ends.  This is not healthy for our country.  Too often, too many, particularly on the right, are found guilty until proven innocent, especially on issues of race, on issues of fairness.”

Scott also underscored the “animus that comes in from the liberal left” often suggests that because he is “not helpful to the cause of liberal America” he is somehow “not helpful to black America.”

Plea to Come Together

Emphasizing the need to come together in “comity” as a governing body, Senator Scott implored liberals in the Senate and America to give as good as they expect to get, especially in political debate.  He called on liberals to give tolerance to all Americans, not just fellow liberals.  And he provided the reason why:

“Because this issue isn’t simply about our next Attorney General.  This is really an issue about all of us.  Not all of us as Senators, but all of us as an American family.  This is an issue that digs deep to the core of our souls, deep into the core of our nation, deep into who we can be, who we should be, and how we will get there. 

Tolerance means listening to other peoples’ perspectives on issues, in addition to voicing your own. Giving space in the public sphere for all voices to be heard may actually educate all of us for the better.

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