SERIOUSLY Islamic Studies Prof Teaches Consent NOT NECESSARY for Lawful Sex (video)

How many ways can I explain that leftist professors are nuttier than squirrel turds!

 These people are certifiable idiots, and yet again I have an example to prove it.
Jonathan Brown Islamic Studies Prof writer Umar Lee refers to two comments made by Professor Brown “First, it’s not immoral for one human to own another human because we own lots of people.” Sounds like something a Democrat and/or leftist would say…privately. Second, Professor Brown commented that “consent isn’t necessary for lawful sex.”

I’m sure that comment would endear him to the co-founder of the VaginaHead March on DC, Linda Sarsour. She too believes in Sharia law.

Brown continued his lecture, where he insisted that Islamic slaves are “protected by Sharia” and described them as “investments” and “walking venture properties.”

I’m sure that will go over well in the black community. I can’t speak for my forefathers directly, however I don’t think learning to eat hog guts was their idea of being a “venture capitalist.”

Of course, this would all be very hard to believe if a self-described fan of Dr. Brown hadn’t uploaded the entire lecture – those statements and all – to YouTube.

For those parents dropping $50,000+ on educations at universities every year, here is what you are paying for.

Feeling a little stressed about paying $66,971 to attend Georgetown University each year? This number can be deceiving, and for many, the net price you pay will be less.

While there is no tuition reduction for in-state students, 42% of freshmen receive some form of financial aid, with the average amount totaling $36,393. Students from low-income families receive an average of $52,541 in aid during their first year.

Costs, Financial Aid & Net Price Low Income w/ Aid w/ Average Aid No Aid
Tuition and Fees $48,611 $48,611 $48,611
+ Room and Board $14,574 $14,574 $14,574
+ Other Expenses $3,786 $3,786 $3,786
Total Costs $66,971 $66,971 $66,971
– Grants & Scholarships $52,541 $36,393 $0
Net Price $14,430 $30,578 $66,971
National Average Comparison Least Expensive More Expensive Most Expensive


Universities taking women back to the Stone Age, literally.




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