Social Media Giant Raises MILLIONS to Sue Trump

The Left waste a lot of time, energy, and other resources going after President Trump.

trump-signing-legislationFor the first time in decades, we have a true conservative warrior in the White House, and he has the biggest checkbook in history.

Moreover, President Trump proved as a businessman during the campaign that he knows how to manage money. These two facts should scare the Left into brown underwear.

I read somewhere that there are at least 51 lawsuits against Trump, and 192 organizations dedicated to his destruction. All because Donald Trump dare protect American citizens. Those organizations are going to need every penny and then some.

They are trying to raise it, as according to the BBC:

The ACLU has pledged to fight President Donald Trump’s temporary ban on refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The civil rights group has reportedly raised more than $24m in online donations in the past few days.

Taxi hailing company Lyft previously said that it would donate $1m to the ACLU over the next four years.

Nearly 1,000 Twitter employees donated more than $500,000, which was matched by chief executive Jack Dorsey and executive chairman Omid Kordestani, according to TechCrunch.

The ACLU has become a radical terrorist organization, rather than an organization to protect Americans’ civil liberties. Exactly how do you protect Americans’ civil liberties by letting in terrorists who want to kill Americans?

The spread of leftism has led to this politically correct “opposite think,” where we allow killers in our midst.

The article continues,

In an email sent to Twitter staff and obtained by the tech news website, lawyer Vijaya Gadde said: “Our work is far from done.

“In the coming months we’ll see a flurry of legal challenges, legislative pushes and public pronouncements.

“But as long as civil liberties are threatened, I’m proud to know that as individuals we will stand up to defend freedom and look after people.”

Soon we may see something as crazy as the ACLU suing itself.

sue-trumpYou can bet that many companies will jump on the bandwagon, still believing the old world exists, remnants of the Era of Obama. One example is the messaging platform Viber has offered free international calls to the affected countries – Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. Just to make a point?

The only civil liberties threatened in a country that has ALL of the nationalities of the world, are the civil liberties of Americans. We are at risk. The ACLU protects racist thugs, pedophiles, and just about any other ne’er-do-well who vows to kill citizens of America.


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