OUTRAGEOUS: Student ATTACKED for Wearing Trump #MAGA Gets Suspended

Thug leftist children often demonstrate what their parents taught them at home. We witness their action daily, as the Berkeley riots suggest. Here’s another example.

A 12-year old Chesterfield, Missouri student was attacked on a school bus for wearing a Trump “Make America Great Again” hat.

In true leftist fashion, the young thug-in-training, aka Democrat, showed the true intolerance likely taught by his leftist parents. Leftist mantra: We don’t need your opinion, we’ll give it to you.

Biased Media Refuses to Report the Facts

This incident was first reported by KMOV.  But that station would only show 5 seconds of a cell phone video that showed this thug kid intimidating several people.  Why didn’t KMOV report that 5-second clip accurately?


Here’s what KMOV reported:

“[T]he students are heard arguing over President Trump’s proposed Mexican border wall. The situation quickly escalates to pushing and what looks likes some punches thrown.”

With these statements, KMOV implies two things. 

The first implication is that President Trump’s policy, and not this thug’s complete lack of self-control, caused the incident to erupt into violence. KMOV’s second implication is that everyone was throwing punches. Why not show the full video clip, so we can judge for ourselves what happened, KMOV?

During the portion of the clip this leftist station would let us see, the video shows a student in a beige shirt screaming and cursing at the 12-year old in the MAGA hat:

“You wanna build a wall?  You want to build a f*cking wall?! 

Then that thug started beating the crap out of this young Trump supporter.  After that, he started screaming at the kid recording him with a phone.  Yet, KMOV doesn’t report this.  Because the left’s narrative that all leftist anger is Trump’s fault is the only message they want to convey.

Just one more liberal media outlet ignoring the truth.  The left lives in a bubble where no one argues because everyone agrees.  When that bubble is burst by the reality the rest of the world lives in, the left turns violent and justifies their physical rage blaming anyone else for their behavior.

Stop Teaching Hate

This is a child, screaming at and assaulting another one for wearing a hat.  Last I checked, even 12-year olds have free speech rights.  All of them.

What exactly are this thug’s parents teaching him about the world?  News Flash:  Not everyone on the planet agrees with your point of view on politics, or religion, or anything else for that matter.  That factual reality does not justify a violence response.  Ever.

According to the Gateway Pundit, after being “violently assaulted by young indoctrinated leftist students” on the way to school, the young Trump supporter got suspended.

cortina-maga-hatWhy was this young man suspended?  His mother, Christina Cortina, is looking for answers:

“As a parent it’s so upsetting because my son doesn’t need to be made the example for this,” said, the mother of the 12-year old who wore the Trump hat.  “I saw him being persecuted for having an opinion of his own.  I saw him being berated and bullied and beat, literally beat because he feels strongly about the world today.”

A Parkway District spokesperson said the incident was investigated and all the students involved have faced “consequences.”  Gee, I wonder why they didn’t go into detail about what punishment that thug received.  How about some counseling for him AND his delinquent parents?

Incidentally, Donald Trump won Chesterfield, Missouri by 25% (58-34) in the November election.  Do you know what that means, liberals?  It’s your fault, not Trump’s that you could not get out the vote for a “hold-your-breath-and-do-it” candidate like Hillary.

Reality check, liberal parents.  Your kids do not have the right to beat up someone that they disagree with politically.  And neither do you.  Stop teaching hatred to your children!

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